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    • Does integrated governance lead to integrated patient care? : Findings from the innovation forum 

      Beech, Roger; Henderson, Catherine; Ashby, Sue; Dickinson, Angela; Sheaff, Rod; Windle, Karen; Wistow, Gerald; Knapp, Martin (2013-11)
      Good integration of services that aim to reduce avoidable acute hospital bed use by older people requires frontline staff to be aware of service options and access them in a timely manner. In three localities where closer ...
    • Reducing emergency bed-days for older people? : Network governance lessons from the 'Improving the Future for Older People' programme 

      Sheaff, Rod; Windle, Karen; Wistow, Gerald; Ashby, Sue; Beech, Roger; Dickinson, Angela; Henderson, Catherine; Knapp, Martin (2014-04)
      In 2007, the UK government set performance targets and public service agreements to control the escalation of emergency bed-days. Some years earlier, nine English local authorities had each created local networks with their ...
    • Unplanned admissions of older people : exploring the issues 

      Henderson, Catherine; Sheaff, Rod; Dickinson, Angela; Beech, Roger; Wistow, Gerald; Ashby, Sue; Windle, Karen; Knapp, Martin (National Institute of Health Research Service Delivery Organisation NIHR SDO, 2011)
      National strategies, local initiatives, cross-agency agreements, various targets and financial incentives have all been deployed in an effort to reverse the growth in emergency bed days (EBDs). Within this rapidly changing ...