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    • Low-Mass X-ray Binaries and Globular Clusters in Centaurus A 

      Jordan, A.; Sivakoff, G.R.; McLaughlin, D.E.; Blakeslee, J.P.; Evans, D.A.; Kraft, R.P.; Hardcastle, M.J.; Peng, E.W.; Cote, P.; Croston, J.H.; Juett, A.M.; Minniti, D.; Raychaudhury, S.; Sarazin, C.L.; Worrall, S.M.; Harris, W.E.; Woodley, K.A.; Birkinshaw, M.; Brassington, Nicola; Forman, W.R.; Jones, C.; Murray, S.S. (2007)
      We present results of Hubble Space Telescope and Chandra X-Ray Observatory observations of globular clusters (GCs) and low-mass X-ray binaries (LMXBs) in the central regions of Centaurus A. Out of 440 GC candidates, we ...