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    • GAMA/H-ATLAS: The Local Dust Mass Function and Cosmic Density as a Function of Galaxy Type - A Benchmark for Models of Galaxy Evolution 

      Beeston, R. A.; Wright, A. H.; Maddox, S.; Gomez, H. L.; Dunne, L.; Driver, S. P.; Robotham, A.; Clark, C. J. R.; Vinsen, K.; Takeuchi, T. T.; Popping, G.; Bourne, N.; Bremer, M. N.; Phillipps, S.; Moffett, A. J.; Baes, M.; Brough, S.; Vis, P. De; Eales, S. A.; Holwerda, B. W.; Loveday, J.; Smith, M. W. L.; Smith, D. J. B.; Vlahakis, C.; Wang, L. (2018-09-01)
      We present the dust mass function (DMF) of 15 750 galaxies with redshift z <0.1, drawn from the overlapping area of the GAMA and H-ATLAS surveys. The DMF is derived using the density corrected V max method, wherewe estimate ...
    • The Herschel-ATLAS Data Release 1 Paper II : Multi-wavelength counterparts to submillimetre sources 

      Bourne, N.; Dunne, L.; Maddox, S. J.; Dye, S.; Furlanetto, C.; Hoyos, C.; Smith, D. J. B.; Eales, S.; Smith, M. W. L.; Valiante, E.; Alpaslan, M.; Andrae, E.; Baldry, I. K.; Cluver, M. E.; Cooray, A.; Driver, S. P.; Dunlop, J. S.; Grootes, M. W.; Ivison, R. J.; Jarrett, T. H.; Liske, J.; Madore, B. F.; Popescu, C. C.; Robotham, A. G.; Rowlands, K.; Seibert, M.; Thompson, M. A.; Tuffs, R. J.; Viaene, S.; Wright, A. H. (2016-10-21)
      This paper is the second in a pair of articles presenting data release 1 (DR1) of the Herschel Astrophysical Terahertz Large Area Survey (H-ATLAS), the largest single open-time key project carried out with the Herschel ...
    • Herschel-ATLAS: Revealing dust build-up and decline across gas, dust and stellar mass selected samples: I. Scaling relations 

      Vis, P. De; Dunne, L.; Maddox, S.; Gomez, H. L.; Clark, C. J. R.; Bauer, A. E.; Viaene, S.; Schofield, S. P.; Baes, M.; Baker, A. J.; Bourne, N.; Driver, S. P.; Dye, S.; Eales, S. A.; Furlanetto, C.; Ivison, R. J.; Robotham, A. S. G.; Rowlands, K.; Smith, D. J. B.; Smith, M. W. L.; Valiante, E.; Wright, A. H. (2017-02-01)
      We present a study of the dust, stars and atomic gas (HI) in an HI-selected sample of local galaxies (z 80 per cent), low stellar mass sources that appear to be in the earliest stages of their evolution. We compare this ...