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    • E-cadherin expression can alter the specificity of gap junction formation 

      Prowse, David M.; Cadwallader, G. P.; Pitts, J. D. (1997-12-01)
      Specificity of gap junction formation produces communication compartments, groups of cells joined to each other by gap junctions (homologous communication) but more rarely to cells in adjacent compartments (heterologous ...
    • E-commerce technology adoption: A Malaysian grocery SME retail sector study 

      Kurnia, Sherah; Choudrie, Jyoti; Mahbubur, Rahim M; Alzougool , Basil (2015-09-01)
      Electronic commerce (EC) has substantial potential to foster the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in developed and developing countries alike. However, EC adoption by SMEs in developing countries has ...
    • E-ducation and the languages of information 

      Floridi, Luciano (2013-09-01)
    • E-Government : The Need for Effective Process Management in the Public Sector 

      Weerakkody, V.; Body, S.; Choudrie, Jyoti (IEEE, 2006)
      The concept of e-government has evolved from the domain of e-business where enterprises need to collaborate with partners, suppliers and customers for the effective delivery of e-services. While needing integration and ...
    • E-Learning for Teachers and Trainers : Innovative Practices, Skills and Competences 

      Coulon, Arnaud; Battezzati, Luciano; Walker, Richard; Gray, David; Ryan, Malcolm (CEDEFOP, 2004)
    • E-Marketing Action : An Action Learning Approach to Teaching E-Marketing 

      Harker, Michael; Brennan, Ross (2003-12)
      Influential marketing academics have argued that marketing education needs to be made more relevant to marketing practice. An important aspect of relevance is the acquisition of work-related skills, including group working ...
    • E-Psychonauts : Conducting research in online drug forum communities 

      Davey, Zoe; Deluca, Paolo; Schifano, Fabrizio; Corazza, Ornella (2012-08-01)
      Background "Legal highs" are becoming increasingly common features of the recreational drug market. The Internet has emerged as an important resource for technical and pharmacological knowledge in the absence of evidence-based ...
    • The Earlier Wittgenstein on the Notion of Religious Attitude 

      Tejedor, Chon (2013-01)
      I defend a new interpretation of Wittgenstein's notion of religious (or ethical) attitude in the Tractatus, one that rejects three key views from the secondary literature: firstly, the view that, for Wittgenstein, the ...
    • EARLINET correlative measurements for CALIPSO 

      Mattis, Ina; Mona, Lucia; Mueller, D.; Pappalardo, Gelsomina; Alados Arboledas, Lucas; D'Amico, Giuseppe; Amodeo, Aldo; Apituley, Arnoud; Maria Baldasano, Jose; Boeckmann, Christine; Boesenbergg, Jens; Chaikovsky, Anatoli; Comeron, Adolfo; Giannakaki, Elina; Grigorov, Ivan; Guerrero Rascado, Juan Luis; Gustafsson, Ove; Iarlori, Marco; Linne, Holger; Mitev, Valentin; Molero Menendez, Francisco; Nicola, Doina; Papayannis, Alexandros; Perez Garcia-Pando, Carlos; Perrone, Maria Rita; Pietruczuk, Aleksander; Putaud, Jean-Philippe; Ravetta, Francois; Rodriguez, Alejandro; Seifert, Patric; Sicard, Michael; Simeonov, Valentin; Sobolewski, Piotr; Spinelli, Nicola; Stebel, Kerstin; Stohl, Andreas; Tesche, Matthias; Trickl, Thomas; Wang, Xuan; Wiegner, Matthias (SPIE, 2007)
      The European Aerosol Research Lidar Network (EARLINET) was established in 2000 to derive a comprehensive, quantitative, and statistically significant data base for the aerosol distribution on the European scale. At present, ...
    • EARLINET observations of the 14-22-May long-range dust transport event during SAMUM 2006 : validation of results from dust transport modelling 

      Mueller, D.; Heinold, B.; Tesche, Matthias; Tegen, I.; Althausen, D.; Arboledas, L. Alados; Amiridis, V.; Amodeo, A.; Ansmann, A.; Balis, D.; Comeron, A.; D'amico, G.; Gerasopoulos, E.; Guerrero-Rascado, J. L.; Freudenthaler, V.; Giannakaki, E.; Heese, B.; Iarlori, M.; Knippertz, P.; Mamouri, R. E.; Mona, L.; Papayannis, A.; Pappalardo, G.; Perrone, R. -M.; Pisani, G.; Rizi, V.; Sicard, M.; Spinelli, N.; Tafuro, A.; Wiegner, M. (2009-02)
      We observed a long-range transport event of mineral dust from North Africa to South Europe during the Saharan Mineral Dust Experiment (SAMUM) 2006. Geometrical and optical properties of that dust plume were determined with ...
    • EARLINET observations of the Eyjafjallajokull ash plume over Europe 

      Pappalardo, Gelsomina; Amodeo, Aldo; Ansmann, Albert; Apituley, Arnoud; Alados Arboledas, Lucas; Balis, Dimitris; Boeckmann, Christine; Chaikovsky, Anatoli; Comeron, Adolfo; D'Amico, Giuseppe; De Tomasi, Ferdinando; Freudenthaler, Volker; Giannakaki, Elina; Giunta, Aldo; Grigorov, Ivan; Gustafsson, Ove; Gross, Silke; Haeffelin, Martial; Iarlori, Marco; Kinne, Stefan; Linne, Holger; Madonna, Fabio; Mamouri, Rodanthi; Mattis, Ina; McAuliffe, Michael; Molero, Francisco; Mona, Lucia; Mueller, D.; Mitev, Valentin; Nicolae, Doina; Papayannis, Alexandros; Perrone, Maria Rita; Pietruczuk, Aleksander; Pujadas, Manuel; Putaud, Jean-Philippe; Ravetta, Francois; Rizi, Vincenzo; Serikov, Ilya; Sicard, Michael; Simeonov, Valentin; Spinelli, Nicola; Stebel, Kerstin; Trickl, Thomas; Wandinger, U.; Wang, Xuan; Wagner, Frank; Wiegner, Matthias (SPIE, 2010)
      EARLINET, the European Aerosol Research Lidar NETwork, established in 2000, is the first coordinated lidar network for tropospheric aerosol study on the continental scale. The network activity is based on scheduled ...
    • EARLINET: the European Aerosol Research Lidar Network for the Aerosol Climatology on Continental Scale 

      Pappalardo, Gelsomina; Boesenberg, Jens; Amodeo, Aldo; Ansmann, Albert; Apituley, Arnoud; Alados Arboledas, Lucas; Balis, Dimitris; Boeckmann, Christine; Chaikovsky, Anatoly; Comeron, Adolfo; D'Amico, Giuseppe; Freudenthaler, Volker; Grigorov, Ivan; Hansen, Georg; Linne, Holger; Kinne, Stefan; Mattis, Ina; Mona, Lucia; Mueller, D.; Mitev, Valentin; Nicolae, Doina; Papayannis, Alexandros; Perrone, Maria Rita; Pietruczuk, Aleksander; Pujadas, Manuel; Putaud, Jean-Philippe; Ravetta, Francois; Rizi, Vincenzo; Simeonov, Valentin; Spinelli, Nicola; Trickl, Thomas; Wandinger, U.; Wiegner, Matthias (American Institute of Physics, 2009)
      Lidar techniques represent the most suitable tool to obtain information on the aerosol vertical distribution and therefore to close this kind of observational gap. Lidar networks are fundamental to study aerosol on large ...
    • Early 56Ni decay gamma rays from SN2014J suggest an unusual explosion 

      Diehl, R.; Siegert, T.; Hillebrandt, W.; Grebenev, S.~A.; Greiner, J.; Krause, M.; Kromer, M.; Maeda, K.; Röpke, F.; Taubenberger, S. (2014-09-05)
      Type Ia supernovae result from binary systems that include a carbon-oxygen white dwarf, and these thermonuclear explosions typically produce 0.5 solar mass of radioactive 56Ni. The 56Ni is commonly believed to be buried ...
    • Early adolescents' HIV-related knowledge, attitudes and behaviour in Finland 

      Muinonen, U.; Suominen, T.; Valimaki, M.; Valimaki, C.; Peate, I. (2002)
      Finland had a relatively low rate of HIV infection during the first 17 years of the epidemic, which began in 1980. Similar to other developed countries around the world, information about the infection has been readily ...
    • Early defibrillation and the chain of survival in 'in-hospital' adult cardiac arrest; minutes count 

      Spearpoint, K.G.; McLean, C. P.; Zideman, D. A. (2000-05)
      Objective: To report the outcomes from and the impact of the chain of survival in ‘in-hospital’ cardiac arrest where the presenting rhythm was VF/VT, the arrest was witnessed, defibrillation was conducted rapidly and no ...
    • Early development of light leaf spot (Pyrenopeziza brassicae) on winter oilseed rape (Brassica napus) in relation to temperature and leaf wetness. 

      Figueroa, L.; Fitt, Bruce D.L.; Welham, S.J.; Shaw, M.W.; McCartney, H. A. (1995-08)
      In controlled environment experiments to study early development of light leaf spot, lesions developed with leaf wetness durations of 16 to 48 h after inoculation of oilseed rape with conidial suspensions of Pyrenopeziza ...
    • Early elicitation and definition of requirements for an interactive multimedia information system 

      Jones, S.; Britton, C. (University of Hertfordshire, 1995)
      The literature on requirements engineering contains little in the way of either theoretical guidance or empirical case studies relating to the specification of requirements for interactive multimedia information systems. ...
    • Early evolution of embedded clusters 

      Ercolano, B.; Bonnell, I.~A.; Dale, James (2015-07-21)
      We examine the combined effects of winds and photoionizing radiation from O-type stars on embedded stellar clusters formed in model turbulent molecular clouds covering a range of masses and radii. We find that feedback is ...
    • Early fatherhood : a mapping of the evidence base relating to pregnancy prevention and parenting support 

      Trivedi, Daksha; Brooks, F.; Bunn, Frances; Graham, M. (2009-12)
      Teenage pregnancy prevention programmes targeted at young women have received considerable attention from researchers and programme developers. However, to date, relatively limited information is available on preventing ...
    • The Early Ground Offensives in Internet Governance 

      Rogers, Kevin M. (2007-01)
      This article highlights the political and legal implications of the Internet governance debate.