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    • Developing a dyadic OPTION scale to measure perceptions of shared decision making 

      Melbourne, Emma; Sinclair, Kate; Durand, Marie-Anne; Légaré, France; Elwyn, Glyn (2010)
      Our aim was to develop a measurement which enables research into the interdependent nature of clinical encounters. The prime objective was to develop an instrument capable of assessing the extent to which patients have ...
    • Dyadic OPTION : Measuring perceptions of shared decision-making in practice 

      Melbourne, Emma; Roberts, Stephen; Durand, Marie-Anne; Newcombe, Robert; Légaré, France; Elwyn, Glyn (2011)
      Current models of the medical consultation emphasize shared decision-making (SDM), whereby the expertise of both the doctor and the patient are recognised and seen to equally contribute to the consultation. The evidence ...