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      Crossfield, Ian J M; Ciardi, David R.; Petigura, Erik A.; Sinukoff, Evan; Schlieder, Joshua E.; Howard, Andrew W.; Beichman, Charles A.; Isaacson, Howard; Dressing, Courtney D.; Christiansen, Jessie L.; Fulton, Benjamin J.; Lépine, Sébastien; Weiss, Lauren; Hirsch, Lea; Livingston, John; Baranec, Christoph; Law, Nicholas M.; Riddle, Reed; Ziegler, Carl; Howell, Steve B.; Horch, Elliott; Everett, Mark; Teske, Johanna; Martinez, Arturo O.; Obermeier, Christian; Benneke, Björn; Scott, Nic; Deacon, Niall; Aller, Kimberly M.; Hansen, Brad M S; Mancini, Luigi; Ciceri, Simona; Brahm, Rafael; Jordán, Andrés; Knutson, Heather A.; Henning, Thomas; Bonnefoy, Michaël; Liu, Michael C.; Crepp, Justin R.; Lothringer, Joshua; Hinz, Phil; Bailey, Vanessa; Skemer, Andrew; Defrere, Denis (2016-09-02)
      We present 197 planet candidates discovered using data from the first year of the NASA K2 mission (Campaigns 0-4), along with the results of an intensive program of photometric analyses, stellar spectroscopy, high-resolution ...
    • A nearby m star with three transiting super-earths discovered by k2 

      Crossfield, Ian J M; Petigura, Erik; Schlieder, Joshua E.; Howard, Andrew W.; Fulton, B. J.; Aller, Kimberly M.; Ciardi, David R.; Lépine, Sébastien; Barclay, Thomas; Pater, Imke De; Kleer, Katherine De; Quintana, Elisa V.; Christiansen, Jessie L.; Schlafly, Eddie; Kaltenegger, Lisa; Crepp, Justin R.; Henning, Thomas; Obermeier, Christian; Deacon, Niall; Weiss, Lauren M.; Isaacson, Howard T.; Hansen, Brad M S; Liu, Michael C.; Greene, Tom; Howell, Steve B.; Barman, Travis; Mordasini, Christoph (2015-05-01)
      Small, cool planets represent the typical end-products of planetary formation. Studying the architectures of these systems, measuring planet masses and radii, and observing these planets' atmospheres during transit directly ...