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    • New drugs on the Internet : the case of Camfetamine 

      Cinosi, Eduardo; Corazza, Ornella; Santacroce, Rita; Lupi, Matteo; Acciavatti, Tiziano; Martinotti, Giovanni; di Giannantonio, Massimo (2014-07-16)
      The number of new psychoactive substances (NPS) advertised for sale online is constantly increasing and it has become a phenomenon of global concern. Among NPS, Camfetamine has been rediscovered as recreational drug in ...
    • Novel psychoactive substance consumption is more represented in bipolar disorder than in psychotic disorders : A multicenter-observational study 

      Acciavatti, Tiziano; Lupi, Matteo; Santacroce, Rita; Aguglia, Andrea; Attademo, Luigi; Bandini, Laura; Ciambrone, Paola; Lisi, Giulia; Migliarese, Giovanni; Pinna, Federica; Quattrone, Diego; Ribolsi, Michele; Signorelli, Maria Salvina; Calò, Salvatore; Schifano, Fabrizio; di Giannantonio, Massimo; Martinotti, Giovanni (2017-05)
      OBJECTIVE: Comorbidities between psychiatric diseases and use of traditional substances of abuse are common. Nevertheless, there are few data regarding the use of novel psychoactive substances (NPS) among psychiatric ...
    • Substance use in the club scene of Rome : a pilot study 

      Vento, Alessandro; Martinotti, Giovanni; Cinosi, Eduardo; Lupi, Matteo; Acciavatti, Tiziano; Carrus, Dario; Santacroce, Rita; Chillemi, Eleonora; Bonifaci, Ludovica; di Giannantonio, Massimo; Corazza, Ornella; Schifano, Fabrizio (2014-08-28)
      Over the last few years, a wide number of unregulated substances have been marketed on the Web and in smart and head shops; they are usually advertised as legal alternatives to commonly known drugs and are defined as “smart ...