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    • Damage to the right insula disrupts the perception of affective touch 

      Kirsch, Louise P; Besharati, Sahba; Papadaki, Christina; Crucianelli, Laura; Bertagnoli, Sara; Ward, Nick; Moro, Valentina; Jenkinson, Paul M; Fotopoulou, Aikaterini (2020-01-24)
      Specific, peripheral C-tactile afferents contribute to the perception of tactile pleasure, but the brain areas involved in their processing remain debated. We report the first human lesion study on the perception of C-tactile ...
    • Welcoming back my arm: Affective touch increases body ownership following right hemisphere stroke 

      Jenkinson, Paul; Papadaki, Cristina; Besharati, Sahba; Moro, Valentina; Gobbetto, Valeria; Crucianelli, Laura; Kirsch, Louise P; Avesani, Renato; Ward, Nick; Fotopoulou, Aikaterini (2020-03-28)
      Right hemisphere stroke can impair the ability to recognise one’s contralesional body parts as belonging to one’s self. The study of this so-called ‘disturbed sense of limb ownership’ can provide unique insights into the ...