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    • The MAGPI Survey -- science goals, design, observing strategy, early results and theoretical framework 

      Foster, C.; Mendel, J. T.; Lagos, C. D. P.; Wisnioski, E.; Yuan, T.; D'Eugenio, F.; Barone, T. M.; Harborne, K. E.; Vaughan, S. P.; Schulze, F.; Remus, R. -S.; Gupta, A.; Collacchioni, F.; Khim, D. J.; Taylor, P.; Bassett, R.; Croom, S. M.; McDermid, R. M.; Poci, A.; Battisti, A. J.; Bland-Hawthorn, J.; Bellstedt, S.; Colless, M.; Davies, L. J. M.; Derkenne, C.; Driver, S.; Ferré-Mateu, A.; Fisher, D. B.; Gjergo, E.; Johnston, E. J.; Khalid, A.; Kobayashi, C.; Oh, S.; Peng, Y.; Robotham, A. S. G.; Sharda, P.; Sweet, S. M.; Taylor, E. N.; Tran, K. -V. H.; Trayford, J. W.; Sande, J. van de; Yi, S. K.; Zanisi, L. (2021-07-26)
      We present an overview of the Middle Ages Galaxy Properties with Integral Field Spectroscopy (MAGPI) survey, a Large Program on ESO/VLT. MAGPI is designed to study the physical drivers of galaxy transformation at a lookback ...