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    • Bar evolution over the last 8 billion years: A constant fraction of strong bars in th GEMS Survey 

      Jogee, S.; Barazza, F.D.; Rix, H-W.; Shlosman, I.; Barden, M.; Wolf, C.; Davies, J.; Heyer, I.; Beckwith, S.; Bell, E.F.; Caldwell, J.A.R.; Conselice, J.; Dahlen, T.; Haussler, B.; Heymans, C.; Jahnke, K.; Knapen, J.; Laine, S.; Lubell, G.M.; Mobasher, B.; McIntosh, D.; Meisenheimar, K.; Peng, C.Y.; Sanchez, S.F.; Somerville, R.S.; Wisotzki, L. (2004-11)
      One-third of present-day spirals host optically visible strong bars that drive their dynamical evolution. However, the fundamental question of how bars evolve over cosmological times has yet to be resolved, and even the ...