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    • Activation of TRPV4 channels (hVRL-2/mTrp12) by phorbol derivatives 

      Watanabe, H.; Davis, J.B.; Smart, D.; Jerman, J.C.; Smith, G.D.; Hayes, P.; Vriens, J.; Cairns, W.; Wissenbach, U.; Prenen, J.; Flockerzi, G.D.; Droogmans, G.; Benham, C.D.; Nilius, B. (2002)
      We have studied activation by phorbol derivatives of TRPV4 channels, the human VRL-2, and murine TRP12 channels, which are highly homologous to the human VR-OAC, and the human and murine OTRPC4 channel. 4α-Phorbol ...