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  • Barefoot, Helen; Russell, Mark (2012-05)
    The University of Hertfordshire’s Blended Learning Unit and Learning and Teaching Institute have designed a Curriculum Design Toolkit to help staff take a considered look at their current curricula in terms of their learning, ...
  • Alltree, J.; Thornton, H. (2004)
    This article discusses the utilisation of StudyNet to facilitate students’ learning on a Level 3 Physiotherapy module. The students’ perceptions of StudyNet and its usage were evaluated by questionnaire and also by an ...
  • Cubric, M. (2011)
    The motivation for this discussion paper comes from the recent FP7 framework ICT call for technology-enhanced learning applications for the 21st century that go beyond the current “state of the art” in e-learning. In this ...
  • Boffey, S. (2008)
    Different target groups for widening participation (WP) are surveyed and those most relevant to the university identified. The university is very active in outreach and targeted recruitment. However, an equally important ...
  • Cubric, Marija (ACM Press, 2007)
    With few exceptions, currently published research on the educational use of wikis does not include how the learning activities should be shaped, planned or enforced in a wiki [11]. In this paper we aim to fill that gap by ...

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