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  • Field, P.R.; Baran, A.J.; Kaye, Paul H.; Hirst, E.; Greenaway, R. (2003)
    In-situ ice crystal scattering has been measured in cirrus cloud with the Small Ice Detector laser scattering probe. Using light scattered from single particles (maximum dimension ∼<100 μm) at 4–10° and 20–40° we have ...
  • Priori,, Daniel; de Sousa, Giseli; Roisenberg, Mauro; Stopford, Chris; Hesse, Evelyn; Davey, Neil; Sun, Yi (Springer International Publishing AG, 2016-08-13)
    In this paper, we present a prediction model developed to identify particles size of ice crystals in clouds. The proposed model combines a Feed Forward Multi-Layer Perceptron neural network withBayesian regularization ...
  • Sun, Yi; Robinson, M.; Adams, Roderick; Kaye, Paul H.; Rust, A.G.; Davey, N. (IEEE, 2005)
    Currently the best algorithms for transcription factor binding site prediction are severely limited in accuracy. There is good reason to believe that predictions from these different classes of algorithms could be used in ...

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