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The low-frequency environment of the Murchison Widefield Array : radio-frequency interference analysis and mitigation

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contributor authorOffringa, A. R.
contributor authorWayth, R. B.
contributor authorHurley-Walker, N.
contributor authorKaplan, D. L.
contributor authorBarry, N.
contributor authorBeardsley, A. P.
contributor authorBell, M. E.
contributor authorBernardi, G.
contributor authorBowman, J. D.
contributor authorBriggs, F.
contributor authorCallingham, J. R.
contributor authorCappallo, R. J.
contributor authorCarroll, P.
contributor authorDeshpande, A. A.
contributor authorDillon, J. S.
contributor authorDwarakanath, K. S.
contributor authorEwall-Wice, A.
contributor authorFeng, L.
contributor authorFor, B. -Q.
contributor authorGaensler, B. M.
contributor authorGreenhill, L. J.
contributor authorHancock, P.
contributor authorHazelton, B. J.
contributor authorHewitt, J. N.
contributor authorHindson, L.
contributor authorJacobs, D. C.
contributor authorJohnston-Hollitt, M.
contributor authorKapińska, A. D.
contributor authorKim, H. -S.
contributor authorKittiwisit, P.
contributor authorLenc, E.
contributor authorLine, J.
contributor authorLoeb, A.
contributor authorLonsdale, C. J.
contributor authorMcKinley, B.
contributor authorMcWhirter, S. R.
contributor authorMitchell, D. A.
contributor authorMorales, M. F.
contributor authorMorgan, E.
contributor authorMorgan, J.
contributor authorNeben, A. R.
contributor authorOberoi, D.
contributor authorOrd, S. M.
contributor authorPaul, S.
contributor authorPindor, B.
contributor authorPober, J. C.
contributor authorPrabu, T.
contributor authorProcopio, P.
contributor authorRiding, J.
contributor authorShankar, N. Udaya
contributor authorSethi, S.
contributor authorSrivani, K. S.
contributor authorStaveley-Smith, L.
contributor authorSubrahmanyan, R.
contributor authorSullivan, I. S.
contributor authorTegmark, M.
contributor authorThyagarajan, N.
contributor authorTingay, S. J.
contributor authorTrott, C. M.
contributor authorWebster, R. L.
contributor authorWilliams, A.
contributor authorWilliams, C. L.
contributor authorWu, C.
contributor authorWyithe, J. S.
contributor authorZheng, Q.
date accessioned2017-07-14T14:40:37Z
date available2017-07-14T14:40:37Z
date issued2015-01-16
identifier citationOffringa , A R , Wayth , R B , Hurley-Walker , N , Kaplan , D L , Barry , N , Beardsley , A P , Bell , M E , Bernardi , G , Bowman , J D , Briggs , F , Callingham , J R , Cappallo , R J , Carroll , P , Deshpande , A A , Dillon , J S , Dwarakanath , K S , Ewall-Wice , A , Feng , L , For , B -Q , Gaensler , B M , Greenhill , L J , Hancock , P , Hazelton , B J , Hewitt , J N , Hindson , L , Jacobs , D C , Johnston-Hollitt , M , Kapińska , A D , Kim , H -S , Kittiwisit , P , Lenc , E , Line , J , Loeb , A , Lonsdale , C J , McKinley , B , McWhirter , S R , Mitchell , D A , Morales , M F , Morgan , E , Morgan , J , Neben , A R , Oberoi , D , Ord , S M , Paul , S , Pindor , B , Pober , J C , Prabu , T , Procopio , P , Riding , J , Shankar , N U , Sethi , S , Srivani , K S , Staveley-Smith , L , Subrahmanyan , R , Sullivan , I S , Tegmark , M , Thyagarajan , N , Tingay , S J , Trott , C M , Webster , R L , Williams , A , Williams , C L , Wu , C , Wyithe , J S & Zheng , Q 2015 , ' The low-frequency environment of the Murchison Widefield Array : radio-frequency interference analysis and mitigation ' Publications of the Astronomical Society of Australia , vol 32 , e008 . DOI: 10.1017/pasa.2015.7en
identifier issn1323-3580
identifier otherPURE: 10665438
identifier otherPURE UUID: 835c968b-bc0d-4cb5-8f53-b6e8570a008b
identifier otherArXiv:
identifier otherScopus: 84936755589
identifier uri
descriptionThis is the Accepted Manuscript version of the following article: A. R. Offringa, et al., “The low-frequency environment of the Murchison Widefield Array: radio-frequency interference analysis and mitigation”, Publications of the Astronomical Society of Australia, Vol. 32, March 2015. The final published version is available at: © Astronomical Society of Australia 2015en
description abstractThe Murchison Widefield Array (MWA) is a new low-frequency interferometric radio telescope built in Western Australia at one of the locations of the future Square Kilometre Array (SKA). We describe the automated radio-frequency interference (RFI) detection strategy implemented for the MWA, which is based on the AOFlagger platform, and present 72-231-MHz RFI statistics from 10 observing nights. RFI detection removes 1.1% of the data. RFI from digital TV (DTV) is observed 3% of the time due to occasional ionospheric or atmospheric propagation. After RFI detection and excision, almost all data can be calibrated and imaged without further RFI mitigation efforts, including observations within the FM and DTV bands. The results are compared to a previously published Low-Frequency Array (LOFAR) RFI survey. The remote location of the MWA results in a substantially cleaner RFI environment compared to LOFAR's radio environment, but adequate detection of RFI is still required before data can be analysed. We include specific recommendations designed to make the SKA more robust to RFI, including: the availability of sufficient computing power for RFI detection; accounting for RFI in the receiver design; a smooth band-pass response; and the capability of RFI detection at high time and frequency resolution (second and kHz-scale respectively).en
format extent13en
language isoeng
relation ispartofPublications of the Astronomical Society of Australiaen
titleThe low-frequency environment of the Murchison Widefield Array : radio-frequency interference analysis and mitigationen
contributor institutionSchool of Physics, Astronomy and Mathematicsen
identifier doi
description versionauthorsversionen
description statusPeer revieweden

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