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  • Synthetic cathinones – prevalence and motivations for use 

    Corkery, John; Guirguis, Amira; Papanti, Duccio; Orsolini, Laura; Schifano, Fabrizio (Springer International Publishing AG, 2018)
    This chapter considers the prevalence of and motivations for use of synthetic cathinones. As part of the scene-setting, the availability, legal status, numbers of cathinones, number and quantities confiscated are reviewed. ...
  • Generative Design in Minecraft: Chronicle Challenge 

    Salge, Christoph; Guckelsberger, Christian; Green, Michael Cerny; Canaan, Rodrigo; Togelius, Julian (2019-06-21)
    We introduce the Chronicle Challenge as an optional addition to the Settlement Generation Challenge in Minecraft. One of the foci of the overall competition is adaptive procedural content generation (PCG), an arguably ...
  • Power Efficient FFT Implementation for a Real Time Spectrum Analyser 

    Savory, Lewis; Sharma, Ashok; Simpson, Oluyomi; Chaychian, Sara; Sun, Yichuang (2019-06-21)
  • Tendon and Ligament Injuries in Elite Rugby: The Potential Genetic Influence 

    Brazier, Jon; Antrobus, M; Stebbings, G; Day, S; Heffernan, S; Cross, M; Williams, A (2019-06-04)
    This article reviews tendon and ligament injury incidence and severity within elite rugby union and rugby league. Furthermore, it discusses the biological makeup of tendons and ligaments and how genetic variation may ...
  • How do patients from South Asian backgrounds experience life on haemodialysis in the UK? : A multicentre qualitative study 

    Sharma, Shivani; King, Madeline; Mooney, Roisin; Davenport, Andrew; Day, Clara; Duncan, Neill; Modi, Kirit; Da Silva-Gane, Maria; Wellsted, David; Farrington, Ken (2019-06)
    OBJECTIVES: End-stage kidney disease disproportionately affects people of South Asian origin. This study aimed to uncover the lived experiences of this group of patients on centre-based haemodialysis (HD), the most prevalent ...

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