The UHRA is a repository of the research produced by the University of Hertfordshire. Research in UHRA can be viewed and downloaded freely by researchers and students all over the world.

  • Polymer architecture dictates thermoreversible gelation in engineered emulsions stabilised with branched copolymer surfactants 

    Rajbanshi, Abhishek; Alves da Silva, Marcelo; Murnane, Darragh; Porcar, Lionel; Dreiss, Cécile A.; Cook, Michael T. (2022-09-26)
    The generation of materials that switch from a liquid to gel state upon warming can enable new healthcare technologies with improved functionality, such as in situ gel-forming materials for drug delivery to topical or ...
  • The JCMT Transient Survey : Single Epoch Transients and Variability of Faint Sources 

    Johnstone, Doug; Lalchand, Bhavana; Mairs, Steve; Shang, Hsien; Chen, Wen Ping; Bower, Geoffrey C.; Herczeg, Gregory J.; Lee, Jeong-Eun; Forbrich, Jan; Chen, Bo-Yan; Contreras-Pena, Carlos; Lee, Yong-Hee; Park, Wooseok; Broughton, Colton; Plovie, Spencer; Team, The JCMT Transient (2022-09-15)
    Short-duration flares at millimeter wavelengths provide unique insights into the strongest magnetic reconnection events in stellar coronae, and combine with longer-term variability to introduce complications to next-generation ...
  • Mortality and Edge-to-Edge Reachability are Decidable on Surfaces 

    de Oliveira Oliveira, Mateus; Tveretina, Olga (ACM Digital Library, 2022-05-04)
    The mortality problem for a given dynamical system S consists of determining whether every trajectory of S eventually halts. In this work, we show that this problem is decidable for the class of piecewise constant derivative ...
  • Advances in Problematic Usage of the Internet Research – A Narrative Review by Experts from the European Network for Problematic Usage of the Internet 

    Fineberg, Naomi; Menchon, Josè M; Hall, Natalie; Dell'Osso, Bernardo; Brand, Matthias; Potenza, Marc; Chamberlain, Samuel R; Cirnigliaro, Giovanna; Lochner, Christine; Billieux, Joël; Demetrovics, Zsolt; Rumpf, Hans Jürgen; Muller, Astrid; Castro-Calvo, Jesús; Hollander, Eric; Burkauskas, Julius; Grünblatt, Edna; Walitza, Susanne; Corazza, Ornella; King, Daniel L; Stein, Dan J.; Grant, Jon E; Pallanti, Stefano; Bowden-Jones, Henrietta; Van Ameringen, Michael; Ioannidis, Konstantinos; Carmi, Lior; Goudriaan, Anna E; Martinotti, Giovanni; Sales, Celia M; Jones, Julia; Gjoneska, Biljiana; Király, Orsolya; Benatti, Beatrice; Vismara, Matteo; Pellegrini, Lucas; Conti, Dario; Cataldo, Ilaria; Riva, Gianluigi M; Yücel, Murat; Flayelle, Maèva; Hall, Thomas; Griffiths, Morgan; Zohar, Joseph (2022-10-30)
    Global concern about problematic usage of the internet (PUI), and its public health and societal costs, continues to grow, sharpened in focus under the privations of the COVID-19 pandemic. This narrative review reports the ...
  • 2D Transformations of Energy Signals for Energy Disaggregation 

    Schirmer, Pascal; Mporas, Iosif (2022-09-22)
    The aim of Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring is to estimate the energy consumption of individual electrical appliances by disaggregating the overall power consumption that has been sampled from a smart meter at a house or ...

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