The UHRA is a repository of the research produced by the University of Hertfordshire. Research in UHRA can be viewed and downloaded freely by researchers and students all over the world.

  • Dynamic congestion management system for cloud service broker 

    Alwada’n, Tariq; Al-Tamimi, Abdel-Karim; Mohammad, Adel Hamdan; Salem, Maher; Muhammad, Yar (2023-02-01)
    The cloud computing model offers a shared pool of resources and services with diverse models presented to the clients through the internet by an on-demand scalable and dynamic pay-per-use model. The developers have identified ...
  • Virtual and on-line learning throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic: The experience of Community Children’s Nursing students. 

    Whiting, Lisa; Whiting, Mark; Roberts-Edema, Karen; Millar, Mark; Lane, Heather; Boyle, Caroline (2023-03-20)
    Background: The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in significant changes in how education is delivered. For many University programmes this has included a move from face-to-face to virtual and on-line learning and teaching. ...
  • Regulatory performance of the East African Community joint assessment procedure: The way forward for regulatory systems strengthening 

    Mashingia, Jane; Ngum, Nancy; Ndomondo-Sigonda, Margareth; Kermad, Adem; Bujar, Magda; Salek, Sam; Walker, Stuart (2023-05-31)
    Background Seven national medicines regulatory authorities in the East African Community (EAC) have embraced regulatory reliance, harmonisation and work sharing through the EAC Medicines Regulatory Harmonization programme. ...
  • UK pension funds’ patience and liquidity in the age of market-based finance 

    Bonizzi, Bruno; Churchill, Jennifer; Kaltenbrunner, Annina (2023-03-02)
    Pension funds have often failed to meet expectations in terms of providing ‘patient capital’. Explanations for this lapse have ranged over regulatory and ideational factors. We argue that a new ‘impatient’ phenomenon is ...
  • The Second Radio Synchrotron Background Workshop: Conference Summary and Report 

    Singal, J.; Fornengo, N.; Regis, M.; Bernardi, G.; Bordenave, D.; Branchini, E.; Cappelluti, N.; Caputo, A.; Carucci, I. P.; Chluba, J.; Cuoco, A.; DiLullo, C.; Fialkov, A.; Hale, C.; Harper, S. E.; Heston, S.; Holder, G.; Kogut, A.; Krause, M. G. H.; Leahy, J. P.; Mittal, S.; Monsalve, R. A.; Piccirilli, G.; Pinetti, E.; Recchia, S.; Taoso, M.; Todarello, E. (2023-03-20)
    We summarize the second radio synchrotron background workshop, which took place on 2022 June 15–17 in Barolo, Italy. This meeting was convened because available measurements of the diffuse radio zero level continue to ...

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