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  • Working with Troubles and Failures in Conversation between Humans and Robots: Workshop Report 

    Foerster, Frank; Romeo, Marta; Holthaus, Patrick; Wood, Luke; Dondrup, Christian; Fischer, Joel E.; Liza, Farhana Ferdousi; Kaszuba, Sara; Hough, Julian; Nesset, Birthe; Hernández García, Daniel; Kontogiorgos, Dimosthenis; Williams, Jennifer; Özkan, Elif Ecem; Barnard, Pepita; Berumen, Gustavo; Price, Dominic; Cobb, Sue; Wiltschko, Martina; Tisserand, Lucien; Porcheron, Martin; Giuliani, Manuel; Skantze, Gabriel; Healey, Patrick; Papaioannou, Ioannis; Gkatzia, Dimitra; Albert, Saul; Huang, Guanyu; Maraev, Vladislav; Kapetanios, Epameinondas (2023-12-01)
    This paper summarizes the structure and findings from the first Workshop on Troubles and Failures in Conversations between Humans and Robots. The workshop was organized to bring together a small, interdisciplinary group ...
  • JADES NIRSpec Spectroscopy of GN-z11: Lyman-$α$ emission and possible enhanced nitrogen abundance in a $z=10.60$ luminous galaxy 

    Bunker, Andrew J.; Saxena, Aayush; Cameron, Alex J.; Willott, Chris J.; Curtis-Lake, Emma; Jakobsen, Peter; Carniani, Stefano; Smit, Renske; Maiolino, Roberto; Witstok, Joris; Curti, Mirko; D'Eugenio, Francesco; Jones, Gareth C.; Ferruit, Pierre; Arribas, Santiago; Charlot, Stephane; Chevallard, Jacopo; Giardino, Giovanna; Graaff, Anna de; Looser, Tobias J.; Luetzgendorf, Nora; Maseda, Michael V.; Rawle, Tim; Rix, Hans-Walter; Pino, Bruno Rodriguez Del; Alberts, Stacey; Egami, Eiichi; Eisenstein, Daniel J.; Endsley, Ryan; Hainline, Kevin; Hausen, Ryan; Johnson, Benjamin D.; Rieke, George; Rieke, Marcia; Robertson, Brant E.; Shivaei, Irene; Stark, Daniel P.; Sun, Fengwu; Tacchella, Sandro; Tang, Mengtao; Williams, Christina C.; Willmer, Christopher N. A.; Baker, William M.; Baum, Stefi; Bhatawdekar, Rachana; Bowler, Rebecca; Boyett, Kristan; Chen, Zuyi; Circosta, Chiara; Helton, Jakob M.; Ji, Zhiyuan; Kumari, Nimisha; Lyu, Jianwei; Nelson, Erica; Parlanti, Eleonora; Perna, Michele; Sandles, Lester; Scholtz, Jan; Suess, Katherine A.; Topping, Michael W.; Uebler, Hannah; Wallace, Imaan E. B.; Whitler, Lily (2023-09-11)
    We present JADES JWST/NIRSpec spectroscopy of GN-z11, the most luminous candidate $z>10$ Lyman break galaxy in the GOODS-North field with $M_{UV}=-21.5$. We derive a redshift of $z=10.603$ (lower than previous determinations) ...
  • EEmission-line properties of IllustrisTNG galaxies: from local diagnostic diagrams to high-redshift predictions for JWST 

    Hirschmann, Michaela; Charlot, Stephane; Feltre, Anna; Curtis-Lake, Emma; Somerville, Rachel S.; Chevallard, Jacopo; Choi, Ena; Nelson, Dylan; Morisset, Christophe; Plat, Adele; Vidal-Garcia, Alba (2023-10-09)
    We compute synthetic, rest-frame optical and ultraviolet (UV) emission-line properties of galaxy populations at redshifts from z$\approx$0 to z=8 in a full cosmological framework. We achieve this by coupling, in post-processing, ...
  • Effects of Popping for Parkinson's dance class on the mood of people with Parkinson's disease 

    Sistarelli, Simone; Annett, Lucy; Lovatt, Peter (2023-03-03)
    Background/Aims Depression, low mood and apathy can affect people with Parkinson’s disease, impacting on quality of life. The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of one Popping For Parkinson’s dance session ...
  • “Fighting the invisible system”: A grounded theory study of the experiences of child protection social workers in England 

    Brazil, Charlie; Nolte, Lizette; Rishworth, Barbara; Littlechild, Brian (2023-11-30)
    This article reports on an exploration of social workers' perspectives on the social policy and agency processes that shape their experiences of working in child protection services. A qualitative constructivist grounded ...

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