The UHRA is a repository of the research produced by the University of Hertfordshire. Research in UHRA can be viewed and downloaded freely by researchers and students all over the world.

  • Design of Gm-C wavelet filter for on-line epileptic EEG detection 

    Zhao, Wenshan; Ma, Lina; Zhang, Yuzhen; He, Yigang; Sun, Yichuang (2019-11-20)
    Analog filter implementation of continuous wavelet transform is considered as a promising technique for on-line spike detection applied in wearable electroencephalogram system. This Letter proposes a novel method to construct ...
  • Acute rotator cuff tendinopathy: does ice, low load isometric exercise, or a combination of the two produce an analgaesic effect? 

    Parle, Phillip; Riddiford-Harland, Diane; Howitt, Chris; Lewis, Jeremy (2017-02-01)
    Rotator cuff tendinopathies are the most commonly diagnosed musculoskeletal shoulder conditions and are associated with pain, weakness and loss of function.1 Tendon swelling may be associated with tendinopathy and may ...
  • Hertfordshire Business Higher/Degree Apprenticeship Survey 2015 

    Brown, Christopher (Hertfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership, 2015-07-01)
    The purpose of the Hertfordshire Business Higher Apprenticeship Survey (HBHDAS) research was to explore Hertfordshire businesses understanding, perceived attractiveness and use of higher/degree apprenticeships, and the ...
  • Intercomparison of Multiple UV-LIF Spectrometers using the Aerosol Challenge Simulator 

    Forde, Elizabeth; Gallagher, Martin; Walker, Maurice; Foot, Virginia; Attwood, Alexis; Granger, Gary; Sarda-Esteve, Roland; Stanley, Warren; Kaye, Paul H.; Topping, David (2019-12-09)
    Measurements of primary biological aerosol particles (PBAPs) have been conducted worldwide using ultraviolet light-induced fluorescence (UV-LIF) spectrometers. However, how these instruments detect and respond to known ...
  • Detection of the nearest Jupiter analog in radial velocity and astrometry data 

    Feng, Fabo; Anglada-Escudé, Guillem; Tuomi, Mikko; Jones, Hugh R. A.; Chanamé, Julio; Butler, Paul R.; Janson, Markus (2019-10-21)
    The presence of Jupiter is crucial to the architecture of the Solar System and models underline this to be a generic feature of planetary systems. We find the detection of the difference between the position and motion ...

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