The UHRA is a repository of the research produced by the University of Hertfordshire. Research in UHRA can be viewed and downloaded freely by researchers and students all over the world.

  • The people: Where will they go? 

    Sturzaker, John (2021-01-01)
  • Facing the Abyss 

    Brownie, Barbara (2021-01-14)
    The images that are reflected in the visor of a space-helmet present a god’s eye view of the world and everyone who inhabits it. In this way, the helmet is a reminder of the insignificance of the individual human wearer ...
  • Anovel HEOMGA Approach for Class Imbalance Problem in the Application of Customer Churn Prediction 

    AlShourbaji, Ibrahim; Helian, Na; Sun, Yi; Alhameed, Mohammed (2021-09-17)
    Making class balance is essential when learning from highly skewed datasets; otherwise, a learner may classify all instances to a negative class, resulting in a high false-negative rate. As a result, a precise balancing ...
  • Undertaking pre-pilot work to gain an empathetic insight into the participant perspective 

    Whiting, Lisa; Petty, Julia; Littlechild, Brian; Rogers, Samantha (2021-09-16)
    Background: Being an empathetic researcher can be crucial in terms of understanding the participant perspective. However, whilst the need for empathy is recognised within a qualitative interview research context, there is ...
  • Customer Churn Prediction in Telecom Sector: A Survey and way a head 

    AlShourbaji, Ibrahim; Helian, Na; Sun, Yi; Alhameed, Mohammed (2021-01-01)
    The telecommunication (telecom)industry is a highly technological domain has rapidly developed over the previous decades as a result of the commercial success in mobile communication and the internet. Due to the strong ...

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