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The UHRA is a showcase of the research produced by the University of Hertfordshire. Research in UHRA can be viewed and downloaded freely by researchers and students all over the world.

As of Nov 23, 2015, the repository contains 14688 outputs, including fulltext where copyright permits.

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  • Morris, Jonathan (2010)
    Espresso coffee has become synonymous with Italy, as have those beverages which employ this as a base such as cappuccino and caffè latte. This article examines the processes by which espresso became “Italian” over the ...
  • Wakelam, Edward; Jefferies, Amanda; Davey, Neil; Sun, Yi (2015-10)
    There has been significant progress in the development of techniques to deliver more effective e-Learning systems in both education and commerce but our research has identified very few examples of comprehensive learning ...
  • Lindley, Julian; Catulli, Maurizio; Reed, Nick (2013)
    This paper summarises the findings of the scoping phase of a pilot project, Exploring and developing ways to help people increase the useful life of products, through a leasing rather than ownership model of consumption. ...
  • Lindley, Julian; Adams, Richard (2015-09)
    Research has indicated that Happiness in the Western World Peaked in the late 1950’s. This correlates with the accelerated growth in both Product Design and Consumption*. Historically Product Designers have concerned ...
  • Cheng, Xiangbin (2015-11-19)
    China’s economic development has performed spectacularly during the period of China’s economic transition as a result of radical economic reform in the all markets. The country has also gone through extensive fiscal reforms ...

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