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  • A Folklorist Looks at Ice Cream Vans 

    Davies, Owen (2024-03-14)
    Of all the commercial road vehicles that have toured the streets and tourist spots of Britain, Ireland, America, and Australia over nearly a century, none elicit more popular reminiscence and sentiment than ice cream vans. ...
  • The globular cluster VVV CL002 falling down to the hazardous Galactic centre 

    Minniti, Dante; Matsunaga, Noriyuki; Fernández-Trincado, José G.; Otsubo, Shogo; Sarugaku, Yuki; Takeuchi, Tomomi; Katoh, Haruki; Hamano, Satoshi; Ikeda, Yuji; Kawakita, Hideyo; Lucas, Philip W.; Smith, Leigh C.; Petralia, Ilaria; Rita Garro, Elisa; Saito, Roberto K.; Alonso-García, Javier; Gómez, Matías; Gabriela Navarro, María (2024-03-15)
    Context. The Galactic centre is hazardous for stellar clusters because of the strong tidal force in action there. It is believed that many clusters were destroyed there and contributed stars to the crowded stellar field ...
  • Is the digital rectal exam any good as a prostate cancer screening test? 

    Kirby, Mike; Merriel, Sam; Olajide, Oluwabunmi; Norman, Alexander; Vasdev, Nikhil; Hanchanale, Vishwanath; Cain, Michelle; Wilkinson, Malcom; Stephens, Harley; Victor, Debbie; Kinnaird, William; Tree, Alison; Challapalli, Amarnath; Rylance, Amy (2024-02-29)
    There is no shortage of references in popular culture to the prostate examination, with many a laugh built on the punchline of the finger up the bum. Interestingly, while cervical, breast, or bowel screening share barriers ...
  • LOFAR HBA observations of the Euclid Deep Field North (EDFN) 

    Bondi, M.; Scaramella, R.; Zamorani, G.; Ciliegi, P.; Vitello, F.; Arias, M.; Best, P.N.; Bonato, M.; Botteon, A.; Brienza, M.; Brunetti, G.; Hardcastle, M. J.; Magliocchetti, M.; Massaro, F.; Morabito, L. K; Pentericci, L.; Prandoni, I.; Röttgering, H. J. A.; Shimwell, T. W.; Tasse, C.; Weeren, R. J. van; White, G. J. (2024-03-18)
    We present the first deep (72 h of observations) radio image of the Euclid Deep Field North (EDFN) obtained with the LOw-Frequency ARray (LOFAR) High Band Antenna (HBA) at 144 MHz. The EDFN is the latest addition to the ...
  • High energy gamma-ray sources in the VVV survey - II. The AGN counterparts 

    Donoso, Laura G; Pichel, Ana; Baravalle, Laura D; Alonso, M Victoria; Schmidt, Eduardo O; Minniti, Dante; Masetti, Nicola; Smith, Leigh C; Lucas, Philip W; Villalon, Carolina; Rovero, Adrián C; Coldwell, Georgina (2024-03-09)
    We identified Active Galactic Nuclei (AGN) candidates as counterparts to unidentified gamma-ray sources (UGS) from the Fermi-LAT Fourth Source Catalogue at lower Galactic latitudes. Our methodology is based on the use of ...

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