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The UHRA is a showcase of the research produced by the University of Hertfordshire. Research in UHRA can be viewed and downloaded freely by researchers and students all over the world.

As of 23-Aug-2016, the repository contains 15356 outputs, including fulltext where copyright permits.

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  • Hiscock, Fabian (2016-08-23)
    The study assesses how the county of Hertfordshire along the Grand Junction Canal developed economically and socially between 1790 and 1840. It considers the impact of the canal upon the various industries of the region, ...
  • Gurkan Uygun, Gulay (2016-08-23)
    I study mid-infrared and star formation properties of AGN samples using infrared observations, and star-forming galaxies using radio observations in order to investigate the link between star formation, AGN activity and ...
  • Thompson, Graham Peter (2016-08-22)
    The kinematics of stars in galaxies is becoming a key means to understand the dynamics of galaxies, their formation and merger history. For many years, kinematics has been measured using integrated field techniques in the ...
  • Xu, Yizhong (2016-08-16)
    The thesis presents a systematic experimental and numerical study on the interactions among porous fence, airflow, and windblown snowdrifts, a knowledge that will contribute to optimize the performance of porous wind ...
  • Shimwell, T. W.; Luckin, J.; Brüggen, M.; Brunetti, G.; Intema, H. T.; Owers, M. S.; Röttgering, H. J. A.; Stroe, A.; Weeren, R. J. van; Williams, W. L.; Cassano, R.; Gasperin, F. de; Heald, G. H.; Hoang, D. N.; Hardcastle, M.J.; Sridhar, S. S.; Sabater, J.; Best, P. N.; Bonafede, A.; Chyży, K. T.; Ensslin, T. A.; Ferrari, C.; Haverkorn, M.; Hoeft, M.; Horellou, C.; McKean, J. P.; Morabito, L. K.; Orrù, E.; Pizzo, R.; Retana-Montenegro, E.; White, G.J. (2016-06-11)
    With Low-Frequency Array (LOFAR) observations, we have discovered a diverse assembly of steep spectrum emission that is apparently associated with the intra cluster medium (ICM) of the merging galaxy cluster Abell 2034. ...

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