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Strategies for Landscape Representation : digital and analogue techniques

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contributor authorCureton, Paul
date accessioned2017-12-12T17:10:01Z
date available2017-12-12T17:10:01Z
date issued2016-12-16
identifier citationCureton , P 2016 , Strategies for Landscape Representation : digital and analogue techniques . Routledge , London: New York .en
identifier isbn9781-1-138-94098-7
identifier isbn9781-1-315-67393-6
identifier otherPURE: 9848528
identifier otherPURE UUID: 901cac7d-53af-4065-bf4a-337dd2d74213
identifier uri
identifier uri
identifier uri
descriptionPaul Cureton, Strategies for Landscape Representation: digital and analogue techniques (London: Routledge, 2016), ISBN: 9781-1-138-94098-7en
description abstractStrategies for Landscape Representation discusses a variety of digital and analogue production techniques for the representation of landscape at multiple scales. Careful consideration is required to represent time, and to ensure accuracy of representation and evaluation in the landscape. Written as a guide for making appropriate selection of a wide variety of visualisation tools for students and built environment professionals with an interest in landscape, the book charts emerging technologies and historical contexts whilst also being relevant to landscape legislation such as Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Landscape Assessment. This book is an innovation driven text which encourages readers to make connections between software, technology and analogue modes. The management, choice, and combination of such modes can arguably narrow the unknown of landscape character, address the issues of representing time and change in landscape and engage and represent communities’ perceptions and experience of landscape. Showcasing international examples from landscape architecture, planning, urban design and architecture, artists, visualizers, geographers, scientists and model makers, the vitality of making and intrinsic value of representational work in these processes and sites is evidenced. An accompanying companion website provides access to original source files and tutorials totalling over a hundred hours in mapping and GIS, diagrams and notation, photomontage, 3D modelling and 3D printing.en
format extent248en
language isoeng
subjectLandscape Architectureen
subjectLandscapre representationen
subjectUrban Designen
subjectFuture Citiesen
subjectLandscape Planningen
subjectDigital and Analogue Techniquesen
subjectDigital Fabricationen
subjectArts and Humanities (miscellaneous)en
subjectEnvironmental Science(all)en
subjectComputer Graphics and Computer-Aided Designen
subjectNature and Landscape Conservationen
titleStrategies for Landscape Representation : digital and analogue techniquesen
contributor institutionSchool of Creative Artsen
contributor institutionArt and Designen
contributor institutionDesign Research Groupen

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