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    • A Detailed Gravitational Lens Model Based on Submillimeter Array and Keck Adaptive Optics Imaging of a Herschel-ATLAS Sub-millimeter Galaxy at z=4.243 

      S. Bussmann, R.; A. Gurwell, M.; Fu, Hai; Smith, Daniel; Dye, S.; Auld, R.; Baes, M.; J. Baker, A.; Bonfield, D.; Cava, A.; L. Clements, D.; Cooray, A.; Coppin, Kristen; Dannerbauer, H.; Dariush, A.; De Zotti, G.; Dunne, L.; Eales, S.; Fritz, J.; Hopwood, R.; Ibar, E.; J. Ivison, R.; Jarvis, M.J.; Kim, S.; L. Leeuw, L.; Maddox, S.; J. Michalowski, M.; Negrello, M.; Pascale, E.; Pohlen, M.; A. Riechers, D.; Rigby, E.; Scott, Douglas; Temi, P.; P. Van der Werf, P.; Verma, A.; Wardlow, J.; Wilner, D. (2012-09-10)
      We present high-spatial resolution imaging obtained with the Submillimeter Array (SMA) at 880 μm and the Keck Adaptive Optics (AO) system at KS-band of a gravitationally lensed sub-millimeter galaxy (SMG) at z = 4.243 ...