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    • Representation of tropical deep convection in atmospheric models - Part 2: Tracer transport 

      Hoyle, C. R.; Marecal, V.; Russo, M. R.; Allen, G.; Arteta, J.; Chemel, C.; Chipperfield, M. P.; D'Amato, F.; Dessens, O.; Feng, W.; Hamilton, J. F.; Harris, N. R. P.; Hosking, J. S.; Lewis, A. C.; Morgenstern, O.; Peter, T.; Pyle, J. A.; Reddmann, T.; Richards, N. A. D.; Telford, P. J.; Tian, W.; Viciani, S.; Volz-Thomas, A.; Wild, O.; Yang, X.; Zeng, G. (2011)
      The tropical transport processes of 14 different models or model versions were compared, within the framework of the SCOUT-O3 (Stratospheric-Climate Links with Emphasis on the Upper Troposphere and Lower Stratosphere) ...