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    • Calibrating the relation of low-frequency radio continuum to star formation rate at 1 kpc scale with LOFAR 

      Heesen, V.; E., Buie II; Huff, C. J.; Perez, L. A.; Woolsey, J. G.; Rafferty, D. A.; Basu, A.; Beck, R.; Brinks, E.; Horellou, C.; Scannapieco, E.; Brüggen, M.; Dettmar, R. -J.; Sendlinger, K.; Nikiel-Wroczyński, B.; Chyży, K. T.; Best, P.N.; Heald, George H.; Paladino, R. (2018-10-15)
      Radio continuum (RC) emission in galaxies allows us to measure star formation rates (SFRs) unaffected by extinction due to dust, of which the low-frequency part is uncontaminated from thermal (free-free) emission. We ...