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    • The infrared properties of sources matched in the WISE all-sky and Herschel ATLAS surveys 

      Bond, Nicholas A.; Benford, Dominic J.; Gardner, Jonathan P.; Amblard, Alexandre; Fleuren, Simone; Blain, Andrew W.; Dunne, Loretta; Smith, Daniel; Maddox, Steve J.; Hoyos, Carlos; Baes, Maarten; Bonfield, David; Bourne, Nathan; Bridge, Carrie; Buttiglione, Sara; Cava, Antonio; Clements, David; Cooray, Asantha; Dariush, Ali; de Zotti, Gianfranco; Driver, Simon; Dye, Simon; Eales, Steve; Eisenhardt, Peter; Hopwood, Rosalind; Ibar, Edo; Ivison, Rob J.; Jarvis, M.J.; Kelvin, Lee; Robotham, Aaron S. G.; Temi, Pasquale; Thompson, Mark; Tsai, Chao-Wei; van der Werf, Paul; Wright, Edward L.; Wu, Jingwen; Yan, Lin (2012-05-01)
      We describe the infrared properties of sources detected over similar to 36 deg(2) of sky in the GAMA 15 hr equatorial field, using data from both the Herschel Astrophysical Terahertz Large-Area Survey (H-ATLAS) and Wide-field ...
    • JINGLE, a JCMT legacy survey of dust and gas for galaxy evolution studies : I. Survey overview and first results 

      Saintonge, Amelie; Wilson, Christine D.; Xiao, Ting; Lin, Lihwai; Hwang, Ho Seong; Tosaki, Tomoka; Bureau, Martin; Cigan, Phillip J.; Clark, Christopher J. R.; Clements, David L.; Looze, Ilse De; Dharmawardena, Thavisha; Gao, Yang; Gear, Walter K.; Greenslade, Joshua; Lamperti, Isabella; Lee, Jong Chul; Li, Cheng; Michalowski, Michal J.; Mok, Angus; Pan, Hsi-An; Sansom, Anne E.; Sargent, Mark; Smith, Matthew W. L.; Williams, Thomas; Yang, Chentao; Zhu, Ming; Accurso, Gioacchino; Barmby, Pauline; Bourne, Nathan; Brinks, Elias; Brown, Toby; Chung, Aeree; Chung, Eun Jung; Cibinel, Anna; Coppin, Kristen; Davies, Jonathan; Davis, Timothy A.; Eales, Steve; Fanciullo, Lapo; Fang, Taotao; Gao, Yu; Glass, David H. W.; Gomez, Haley L.; Greve, Thomas; He, Jinhua; Ho, Luis C.; Huang, Feng; Parsons, Harriet; Violino, Giulio (2018-12-11)
      JINGLE is a new JCMT legacy survey designed to systematically study the cold interstellar medium of galaxies in the local Universe. As part of the survey we perform 850 μm continuum measurements with SCUBA-2 for a ...
    • Molecular and atomic gas in dust lane early-type galaxies - I : Low star-formation efficiencies in minor merger remnants 

      Davis, Timothy A.; Rowlands, Kate; Allison, James R.; Shabala, Stanislav S.; Ting, Yuan-Sen; Lagos, Claudia del P.; Kaviraj, Sugata; Bourne, Nathan; Dunne, Loretta; Eales, Steve; Ivison, Rob J.; Maddox, Steve; Smith, Daniel; Smith, Matthew W. L.; Temi, Pasquale (2015-06-01)
      In this work we present IRAM-30m telescope observations of a sample of bulge-dominated galaxies with large dust lanes, which have had a recent minor merger. We find these galaxies are very gas rich, with H2 masses between ...