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    • The infrared properties of sources matched in the WISE all-sky and Herschel ATLAS surveys 

      Bond, Nicholas A.; Benford, Dominic J.; Gardner, Jonathan P.; Amblard, Alexandre; Fleuren, Simone; Blain, Andrew W.; Dunne, Loretta; Smith, Daniel; Maddox, Steve J.; Hoyos, Carlos; Baes, Maarten; Bonfield, David; Bourne, Nathan; Bridge, Carrie; Buttiglione, Sara; Cava, Antonio; Clements, David; Cooray, Asantha; Dariush, Ali; de Zotti, Gianfranco; Driver, Simon; Dye, Simon; Eales, Steve; Eisenhardt, Peter; Hopwood, Rosalind; Ibar, Edo; Ivison, Rob J.; Jarvis, M.J.; Kelvin, Lee; Robotham, Aaron S. G.; Temi, Pasquale; Thompson, Mark; Tsai, Chao-Wei; van der Werf, Paul; Wright, Edward L.; Wu, Jingwen; Yan, Lin (2012-05-01)
      We describe the infrared properties of sources detected over similar to 36 deg(2) of sky in the GAMA 15 hr equatorial field, using data from both the Herschel Astrophysical Terahertz Large-Area Survey (H-ATLAS) and Wide-field ...
    • JINGLE, a JCMT legacy survey of dust and gas for galaxy evolution studies : I. Survey overview and first results 

      Saintonge, Amelie; Wilson, Christine D.; Xiao, Ting; Lin, Lihwai; Hwang, Ho Seong; Tosaki, Tomoka; Bureau, Martin; Cigan, Phillip J.; Clark, Christopher J. R.; Clements, David L.; Looze, Ilse De; Dharmawardena, Thavisha; Gao, Yang; Gear, Walter K.; Greenslade, Joshua; Lamperti, Isabella; Lee, Jong Chul; Li, Cheng; Michalowski, Michal J.; Mok, Angus; Pan, Hsi-An; Sansom, Anne E.; Sargent, Mark; Smith, Matthew W. L.; Williams, Thomas; Yang, Chentao; Zhu, Ming; Accurso, Gioacchino; Barmby, Pauline; Bourne, Nathan; Brinks, Elias; Brown, Toby; Chung, Aeree; Chung, Eun Jung; Cibinel, Anna; Coppin, Kristen; Davies, Jonathan; Davis, Timothy A.; Eales, Steve; Fanciullo, Lapo; Fang, Taotao; Gao, Yu; Glass, David H. W.; Gomez, Haley L.; Greve, Thomas; He, Jinhua; Ho, Luis C.; Huang, Feng; Parsons, Harriet; Violino, Giulio (2018-12-11)
      JINGLE is a new JCMT legacy survey designed to systematically study the cold interstellar medium of galaxies in the local Universe. As part of the survey we perform 850um continuum measurements with SCUBA-2 for a representative ...
    • Molecular and atomic gas in dust lane early-type galaxies - I : Low star-formation efficiencies in minor merger remnants 

      Davis, Timothy A.; Rowlands, Kate; Allison, James R.; Shabala, Stanislav S.; Ting, Yuan-Sen; Lagos, Claudia del P.; Kaviraj, Sugata; Bourne, Nathan; Dunne, Loretta; Eales, Steve; Ivison, Rob J.; Maddox, Steve; Smith, Daniel; Smith, Matthew W. L.; Temi, Pasquale (2015-06-01)
      In this work we present IRAM-30m telescope observations of a sample of bulge-dominated galaxies with large dust lanes, which have had a recent minor merger. We find these galaxies are very gas rich, with H2 masses between ...