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    • Combination rules for multi-chamber valveless micropumps 

      Azarbadegan, Alireza; Eames, Ian; Wojcik, Adam; Cortes Quiroz, Cesar; Suen, William (2013-10)
      The general design rules indicate that when identical macroscale pumps (each with a maximum flowrate Qm, and maximum pressure drop ΔPmax) are combined in series the maximum flowrate becomes Qm, but the maximum pressure is ...
    • Optimization of diffuser/nozzle elements for rectification valveless micropumps 

      Azarbadegan, A.; Cortes Quiroz, Cesar; Moeendarbary, E.; Eames, Ian (The American Society of Mechanical Engineers, 2011)
      There has been a growing interest in understanding the flow behaviour inside diffuser/nozzle elements in order to identify performance characteristics of these elements for micropump applications. Flat-walled diffuser/nozzle ...