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    • VVV-WIT-04: an extragalactic variable source caught by the VVV Survey 

      Saito, Roberto K.; Minniti, Dante; Ivanov, Valentin D.; Masetti, Nicola; Navarro, Maria Gabriela; Fernandes, Roberto Cid; Ruschel-Dutra, Daniel; Smith, Leigh C.; Lucas, Philip W.; Gonzalez-Fernandez, Carlos; Ramos, Rodrigo Contreras (2019-09-20)
      We report the discovery of VVV-WIT-04, a near-infrared (near-IR) variable source towards the Galactic disc located ∼0.2 arcsec apart from the position of the radio source PMN J1515−5559. The object was found serendipitously ...