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    • Astrophysical analysis of the measurement of (alpha,gamma) and (alpha,n) cross sections of Tm-169 

      Rauscher, T.; Kiss, G. G.; Szuecs, T.; Fueloep, Zs.; Froehlich, Carla; Gyuerky, Gy.; Halasz, Z.; Kertesz, Zs.; Somorjai, E. (2012-07-05)
      Reaction cross sections of Tm-169(alpha, gamma)Lu-173 and Tm-169(alpha, n)Lu-172 have been measured in the energy range 12.6
    • Iron 60 evidence for early injection and efficient mixing of stellar debris in the protosolar nebula 

      Dauphas, N.; Cook, D. L.; Sacarabany, A.; Froehlich, Carla; Davis, A. M.; Wadhwa, M.; Pourmand, A.; Rauscher, T.; Gallino, R. (2008-10-10)
      Among extinct radioactivities present in meteorites, Fe-60 (t(1/2) = 1.49 Myr) plays a key role as a high-resolution chronometer, a heat source in planetesimals, and a fingerprint of the astrophysical setting of solar ...
    • Nuclear physics : A key ingredient in astrophysical modeling 

      Thielemann, Friedrich-Karl; Argast, D.; Brachwitz, F.; Fisker, J. L.; Froehlich, Carla; Hirschi, R.; Kolbe, E.; Mocelj, D.; Rauscher, T. (2005-04-18)
      Nuclear physics is a basic ingredient in a large number of energetic astrophysical environments which are characterized by sufficient temperatures and densities to permit scattering events among particles, leading to nuclear ...
    • Nucleosynthesis in core-collapse supernova explosions triggered by a quark-hadron phase transition 

      Nishimura, Nobuya; Fischer, Tobias; Thielemann, Friedrich-Karl; Froehlich, Carla; Hempel, Matthias; Kaeppeli, Roger; Martinez-Pinedo, Gabriel; Rauscher, T.; Sagert, Irina; Winteler, Christian (2012-10-10)
      We explore heavy-element nucleosynthesis in the explosion of massive stars that are triggered by a quark-hadron phase transition during the early post-bounce phase of core-collapse supernovae. The present study is based ...
    • Production of intermediate-mass and heavy nuclei 

      Thielemann, Friedrich-Karl; Froehlich, Carla; Hirschi, R.; Liebendoerfer, M.; Dillmann, I.; Mocelj, D.; Rauscher, T.; Martinez-Pinedo, G.; Langanke, K.; Farouqi, K.; Kratz, K.L.; Pfeiffer, B.; Panov, I.; Nadyozhin, D. K.; Blinnikov, S.; Bravo, E.; Hix, W. R.; Hoflich, P.; Zinner, N. T. (Elsevier, 2007)
      Nucleosynthesis is the science related to all astrophysical processes which are responsible for the abundances of the elements and their isotopes in the universe. The astrophysical sites are the big bang and stellar objects. ...
    • Reaction rates and nuclear properties relevant for nucleosynthesis in massive stars and far from stability 

      Rauscher, T.; Froehlich, Carla; Guber, K. H. (World Scientific Publishing, 2003)
      Explosive nuclear burning in astrophysical environments produces unstable nuclei which again can be targets for subsequent reactions. In addition, it involves a large number of stable nuclides which are not fully explored ...