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    • 3D shape of Orion A from Gaia DR2 

      Grossschedl, Josefa E.; Alves, Joao; Meingast, Stefan; Ackerl, Christine; Ascenso, Joana; Bouy, Herve; Burkert, Andreas; Forbrich, Jan; Fuernkranz, Verena; Goodman, Alyssa; Hacar, Alvaro; Herbst-Kiss, Gabor; Lada, Charles J.; Larreina, Irati; Leschinski, Kieran; Lombardi, Marco; Moitinho, Andre; Mortimer, Daniel; Zari, Eleonora (2018-11-14)
      We use the Gaia DR2 distances of about 700 mid-infrared selected young stellar objects in the benchmark giant molecular cloud Orion A to infer its 3D shape and orientation. We find that Orion A is not the fairly straight ...