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    • AzTEC 1.1 mm observations of high-z protocluster environments : SMG overdensities and misalignment between AGN jets and SMG distribution 

      Zeballos, M.; Aretxaga, I.; Humphrey, A.; Wilson, G. W.; Austermann, J.; Dunlop, J. S.; Ezawa, H.; Ferrusca, D.; Hatsukade, B.; Ivison, R. J.; Kawabe, R.; Kim, S.; Kodama, T.; Kohno, K.; Montaña, A.; Nakanishi, K.; Plionis, M.; Sánchez-Argüelles, D.; Stevens, J. A.; Tamura, Y.; Velazquez, M.; Yun, M. S. (2018-10)
      We present observations at 1.1 mm towards 16 powerful radio galaxies and a radio-quiet quasar at 0.5 > z > 6.3 acquired with the AzTEC camera mounted at the James Clerk Maxwell Telescope and Atacama Submillimeter Telescope ...
    • INGRID: A near-infrared camera for the William Herschel Telescope 

      Packham, C.; Thompson, K.L.; Zurita, A.; Knapen, J.; Smail, I.; Greimel, R.; Folha, D.F.M.; Benn, C.; Humphrey, A.; Rutten, R.; Ciardi, D.; Bec, M.; Bingham, R.; Craig, S.; Dee, K.; Ives, D.; Jolley, P.; Moore, P.; Puig, M.; Rees, S.; Talbot, G.; Worswick, S. (2003)
      Rapid developments in near-infrared (NIR) arrays and adaptive optics systems have driven the development of wide-field and high-spatial-resolution, high-optical-quality NIR imagers and spectrographs, providing an unparalleled ...