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    • [C I](1–0) and [C I](2–1) in Resolved Local Galaxies 

      Crocker, Alison F.; Eric, Pellegrini; Smith, J.-D. T.; Draine, B.~T.; Wilson, C. D.; Wolfire, M. G.; Armus, Lee; Brinks, Elias; Dale, D.~A.; Groves, Brent; Herrera-Camus, Rodrigo; Hunt, L.~K.; Kennicutt, Robert C.; Murphy, E. J.; Sandstrom, Karin; Schinnerer, Eva; Rigopoulou, Dimitra; Rosolowsky, Erik; van der Werf, Paul (2019-12-10)
      We present resolved [C I] line intensities of 18 nearby galaxies observed with the SPIRE FTS spectrometer on the Herschel Space Observatory. We use these data along with resolved CO line intensities from J_up = 1 to 7 to ...