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    • Adaptive electrical signal post-processing with varying representations in optical communication systems 

      Hunt, Stephen; Sun, Yi; Shafarenko, Alex; Adams, Roderick; Davey, N.; Slater, Brendan; Bhamber, Ranjeet; Boscolo, Sonia; Turitsyn, Sergei K. (2009)
      Improving bit error rates in optical communication systems is a difficult and important problem. Error detection and correction must take place at: high speed, and be extremely accurate. Also, different communication ...
    • High performance associative memory models and symmetric connections 

      Davey, N.; Adams, R.G.; Hunt, Stephen (2000)
      Two existing high capacity training rules for the standard Hopfield architecture associative memory are examined. Both rules, based on the perceptron learning rule produce asymmetric weight matrices, for which the simple ...
    • Input window size and neural network predictors 

      Frank, R.; Davey, N.; Hunt, Stephen (IEEE, 2000)
      Neural network approaches to time series prediction are briefly discussed, and the need to specify an appropriately sized input window identified. Relevant theoretical results from dynamic systems theory are briefly ...