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    • Robot companions for children with down syndrome : A case study 

      Lehmann, Hagen; Iacono, Iolanda; Dautenhahn, K.; Marti, Patrizia; Robins, Ben (2014-01-01)
      We describe an exploratory case study about the applicability of different robotic platforms in an educational context with a child with Down syndrome. The robotic platforms tested are the humanoid robot KASPAR and the ...
    • Scenarios of robot-assisted play for children with cognitive and physical disabilities. 

      Robins, Ben; Dautenhahn, K.; Ferrari, Ester; Kronreif, Gernot; Prazak-Aram, Barbara; Marti, Patrizia; Iacono, Iolanda; Gelderblom, Gert Jan; Bernd, Tanja; Caprino, Francesca; Laudanna, Elena (2012)
      This article presents a novel set of ten play scenarios for robot-assisted play for children with special needs. This set of scenarios is one of the key outcomes of the IROMEC project that investigated how robotic toys can ...