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    • EARLINET observations of the 14-22-May long-range dust transport event during SAMUM 2006 : validation of results from dust transport modelling 

      Mueller, D.; Heinold, B.; Tesche, Matthias; Tegen, I.; Althausen, D.; Arboledas, L. Alados; Amiridis, V.; Amodeo, A.; Ansmann, A.; Balis, D.; Comeron, A.; D'amico, G.; Gerasopoulos, E.; Guerrero-Rascado, J. L.; Freudenthaler, V.; Giannakaki, E.; Heese, B.; Iarlori, M.; Knippertz, P.; Mamouri, R. E.; Mona, L.; Papayannis, A.; Pappalardo, G.; Perrone, R. -M.; Pisani, G.; Rizi, V.; Sicard, M.; Spinelli, N.; Tafuro, A.; Wiegner, M. (2009-02)
      We observed a long-range transport event of mineral dust from North Africa to South Europe during the Saharan Mineral Dust Experiment (SAMUM) 2006. Geometrical and optical properties of that dust plume were determined with ...
    • Four-dimensional distribution of the 2010 Eyjafjallajökull volcanic cloud over Europe observed by EARLINET 

      Pappalardo, G.; Mona, L.; D'Amico, G.; Wandinger, U.; Adam, M.; Amodeo, A.; Ansmann, A.; Apituley, A.; Alados Arboledas, L.; Balis, D.; Boselli, A.; Bravo-Aranda, J. A.; Chaikovsky, A.; Comeron, A.; Cuesta, J.; De Tomasi, F.; Freudenthaler, V.; Gausa, M.; Giannakaki, E.; Giehl, H.; Giunta, A.; Grigorov, I.; Groß, S.; Haeffelin, M.; Hiebsch, A.; Iarlori, M.; Lange, D.; Linné, H.; Madonna, F.; Mattis, I.; Mamouri, R. E.; McAuliffe, M. A. P.; Mitev, V.; Molero, F.; Navas-Guzman, F.; Nicolae, D.; Papayannis, A.; Perrone, M. R.; Pietras, C.; Pietruczuk, A.; Pisani, G.; Preißler, J.; Pujadas, M.; Rizi, V.; Ruth, A. A.; Schmidt, J.; Schnell, F.; Seifert, P.; Serikov, I.; Sicard, M.; Simeonov, V.; Spinelli, N.; Stebel, K.; Tesche, Matthias; Trickl, T.; Wang, X.; Wagner, F.; Wiegner, M.; Wilson, K. M. (2013-04-29)
      The eruption of the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallaj ökull in April-May 2010 represents a "natural experiment" to study the impact of volcanic emissions on a continental scale. For the first time, quantitative data about the ...