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    • Detection of molecular gas in a distant submillimetre galaxy at z=4.76 with ATCA 

      Coppin, Kristen; Chapman, Scott; Smail, Ian; Swinbank, Mark; Walter, Fabian; Wardlow, Julie; Weiss, Axel; M. Alexander, David; Brandt, Niel; Dannerbauer, Helmut; De Breuck, Carlos; Dickinson, Mark; Dunlop, James; Edge, Alastair; Emonts, Bjorn; Greve, Thomas; Huynh, Minh; Ivison, Rob; Knudsen, Kirsten; Menten, Karl; Schinnerer, Eva; van der Werf, Paul (2010)
      We have detected the CO(2-1) transition from the submillimetre galaxy (SMG) LESSJ033229.4-275619 at z=4.755 using the new Compact Array Broadband Backend system on the Australian Telescope Compact Array. These data have ...
    • A submillimetre galaxy at z=4.76 in the LABOCA survey of the Extended Chandra Deep Field South 

      Coppin, Kristen; Smail, Ian; M. Alexander, David; Weiss, Axel; Walter, Fabian; Swinbank, Mark; Greve, Thomas; Kovacs, Attila; De Breuck, Carlos; Dickinson, Mark; Ibar, Edo; Ivison, Rob; Reddy, Naveen; Spinrad, Hyron; Stern, Daniel; Brandt, Niel; Chapman, Scott; Dannerbauer, Helmut; van Dokkum, Pieter; Dunlop, James; Frayer, David; Gawiser, Eric; Geach, James; Huynh, Minh; Knudsen, Kirsten; Koekemoer, Anton; Lehmer, Bret; Menten, Karl; Papovich, Casey; Rix, Hans-Walter; Schinnerer, Eva; Wardlow, Julie; van der Werf, Paul (2009)
      We report on the identification of the highest redshift submm-selected source currently known: LESSJ033229.4-275619. This source was detected in the Large Apex BOlometer CAmera (LABOCA) Extended Chandra Deep Field South ...