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    • A 100 pc elliptical and twisted ring of cold and dense molecular clouds revealed by Herschel around the galactic center 

      Molinari, S.; Bally, J.; Noriega-Crespo, A.; Compiegne, M.; Bernard, J.P.; Paradis, D.; Martin, P.; Testi, L.; Barlow, M.; Moore, T.; Plume, R.; Swinyard, B.; Zavagno, A.; Calzoletti, L.; M. Di Giorgio, A.; Elia, D.; Faustini, F.; Natoli, P.; Pestalozzi, Michele; Pezzuto, S.; Piacentini, F.; Polenta, G.; Polychroni, D.; Schisano, E.; Traficante, A.; Veneziani, M.; Battersby, C.; Burton, M.; Carey, S.; Fukui, Y.; Li, J.Z.; Lord, S.D.; Morgan, L.; Motte, F.; Schuller, F.; Stringfellow, G.S.; Tan, J.C.; Thompson, Mark; Ward-Thompson, D.; White, G.; Umana, G. (2011)
      Thermal images of cold dust in the Central Molecular Zone of the Milky Way, obtained with the far-infrared cameras on board the Herschel satellite, reveal a ~3 × 107 M ring of dense and cold clouds orbiting the Galactic ...