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    • An absolute calibration of DENIS (deep near infrared southern sky survey) 

      Fouque, P.; Chevallier, L.; Cohen, M.; Galliano, E.; Loup, C.; Alard, C.; de Batz, B.; Bertin, E.; Borsenberger, J.; Cioni, M-R.L.; Copet, E.; Dennefeld, M.; Derriere, S.; Deul, E.; Duc, P.A.; Egret, D.; Epchtein, N.; Forveille, T.; Garzon, F.; Habing, H.J.; Hron, J.; Kimeswenger, S.; Lacombe, F.; Le Bertre, T.; Mamon, G.A.; Omont, O.; Paturel, G.; Pau, S.; Persi, P.; Robin, A.C.; Rouan, D.; Schultheis, M.; Simon, G.; Tiphene, D.; Vauglin, I.; Wagner, S. (2000)
      An absolute calibration of the DENIS photometric system is presented. It includes the determination of the overall transmission profiles in the 3 bands, namely i, J and Ks, combining contributions from atmosphere, telescope ...