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    • A proteomic survival predictor for COVID-19 patients in intensive care 

      PA-COVID-19 Study group (2022-01-18)
      Global healthcare systems are challenged by the COVID-19 pandemic. There is a need to optimize allocation of treatment and resources in intensive care, as clinically established risk assessments such as SOFA and APACHE II ...
    • A time-resolved proteomic and prognostic map of COVID-19 

      PA-COVID-19 Study group; Demichev, Vadim; Tober-Lau, Pinkus; Lemke, Oliver; Nazarenko, Tatiana; Thibeault, Charlotte; Whitwell, Harry; Röhl, Annika; Freiwald, Anja; Szyrwiel, Lukasz; Ludwig, Daniela; Correia-Melo, Clara; Aulakh, Simran Kaur; Helbig, Elisa T; Stubbemann, Paula; Lippert, Lena J; Grüning, Nana-Maria; Blyuss, Oleg; Vernardis, Spyros; White, Matthew; Messner, Christoph B; Joannidis, Michael; Sonnweber, Thomas; Klein, Sebastian J; Pizzini, Alex; Wohlfarter, Yvonne; Sahanic, Sabina; Hilbe, Richard; Schaefer, Benedikt; Wagner, Sonja; Mittermaier, Mirja; Machleidt, Felix; Garcia, Carmen; Ruwwe-Glösenkamp, Christoph; Lingscheid, Tilman; Bosquillon de Jarcy, Laure; Stegemann, Miriam S; Pfeiffer, Moritz; Jürgens, Linda; Denker, Sophy; Zickler, Daniel; Enghard, Philipp; Zelezniak, Aleksej; Campbell, Archie; Hayward, Caroline; Porteous, David J; Marioni, Riccardo E; Uhrig, Alexander; Müller-Redetzky, Holger; Zoller, Heinz; Löffler-Ragg, Judith (2021-06-14)
      COVID-19 is highly variable in its clinical presentation, ranging from asymptomatic infection to severe organ damage and death. We characterized the time-dependent progression of the disease in 139 COVID-19 inpatients by ...