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    • CSI 2264: Simultaneous optical and infrared light curves of young disk-bearing stars in NGC 2264 with CoRoT and Spitzer-- evidence for multiple origins of variability 

      Cody, Ann Marie; Stauffer, John; Baglin, Annie; Micela, Giuseppina; Rebull, Luisa M.; Flaccomio, Ettore; Morales-Calderón, María; Aigrain, Suzanne; Bouvier, Jèrôme; Hillenbrand, Lynne A.; Gutermuth, Robert; Song, Inseok; Turner, Neal; Alencar, Silvia H. P.; Zwintz, Konstanze; Plavchan, Peter; Carpenter, John; Findeisen, Krzysztof; Carey, Sean; Terebey, Susan; Hartmann, Lee; Calvet, Nuria; Teixeira, Paula; Vrba, Frederick J.; Wolk, Scott; Covey, Kevin; Poppenhaeger, Katja; Günther, Hans Moritz; Forbrich, Jan; Whitney, Barbara; Affer, Laura; Herbst, William; Hora, Joseph; Barrado, David; Holtzman, Jon; Marchis, Franck; Wood, Kenneth; Guimarães, Marcelo Medeiros; Box, Jorge Lillo; Gillen, Ed; McQuillan, Amy; Espaillat, Catherine; Allen, Lori; D'Alessio, Paola; Favata, Fabio (2014-03-13)
      We present the Coordinated Synoptic Investigation of NGC 2264, a continuous 30-day multi-wavelength photometric monitoring campaign on more than 1000 young cluster members using 16 telescopes. The unprecedented combination ...
    • YSOVAR: Mid-infrared Variability Among YSOs in the Star Formation Region GGD 12-15 

      Wolk, Scott J.; Günther, H. Moritz; Poppenhaeger, Katja; Cody, A. M.; Rebull, L. M.; Forbrich, J.; Gutermuth, R. A.; Hillenbrand, L. A.; Plavchan, P.; Stauffer, J. R.; Covey, K. R.; Song, Inseok (2015-10-12)
      We present an IR-monitoring survey with the $Spitzer$ Space Telescope of the star forming region GGD 12-15. Over 1000 objects were monitored including about 350 objects within the central 5 arcminutes which is found to be ...