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    • Physical conditions of the interstellar medium of high-redshift, strongly lensed submillimetre galaxies from the Herschel-ATLAS 

      Valtchanov, I.; Virdee, J.; Ivison, R.J.; Swinyard, B.; van der Werf, P.; Rigopoulou, D.; da Cunha, E.; Lupu, R.; Benford, D. J.; Riechers, D.; Smail, Ian; Jarvis, M.J.; Pearson, C.; Gomez, H.; Hopwood, R.; Altieri, B.; Birkinshaw, M.; Coia, D.; Conversi, L.; Cooray, A.; de Zotti, G.; Dunne, L.; Frayer, D.; Leeuw, L.; Marston, A.; Negrello, M.; Portal, M. Sanchez; Scott, D.; Thompson, M.A.; Vaccari, M.; Baes, M.; Clements, D.; Michalowski, M. J.; Dannerbauer, H.; Serjeant, S.; Auld, R.; Buttiglione, S.; Cava, A.; Dariush, A.; Dye, S.; Eales, S.; Fritz, J.; Ibar, E.; Maddox, S.; Pascale, E.; Pohlen, M.; Rigby, E.; Rodighiero, G.; Smith, Daniel; Temi, P.; Carpenter, J.; Bolatto, A.; Gurwell, M.; Vieira, J. D. (2011-08-01)
      We present Herschel-Spectral and Photometric Imaging Receiver (SPIRE) Fourier transform spectrometer (FTS) and radio follow-up observations of two Herschel-Astrophysical Terahertz Large Area Survey (H-ATLAS)-detected ...