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    • A method for selecting M dwarfs with an increased likelihood of unresolved ultracool companionship 

      Cook, Neil; Pinfield, D.J.; Marocco, F.; Burningham, B.; Jones, H.R.A.; Frith, James; Zhong, J.; Luo, A.; Qi, Z.; Lucas, P.W.; Gromadzki, Mariusz; Day-Jones, Avril; Kurtev, Radostin; Guo, Y.; Wang, Y.; Bai, Y.; Yi, Z.; Smart, R. (2016-04-01)
      Locating ultracool companions to M dwarfs is important for constraining low-mass formation models, the measurement of substellar dynamical masses and radii, and for testing ultracool evolutionary models. We present an ...