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    • Art Gallery and Theatre : Experiencing and Sensing 

      Saarinen, Heidi (2013-12)
      Art Gallery and Museum buildings have a significant role to play within the immediate site and location. As an addition to a community, the cultural building not only offer exciting new architectural design and creative, ...
    • disDance 11054.80 Liminalities [video and text] 

      Saarinen, Heidi; Willcock, Ian (2014-05)
      The disDance project was the beginning of an enquiry-process in which some of the possibilities of working on networked, physically separated, interdisciplinary performance, incorporating interactive media, architecture ...
    • Gateway to the Community 

      Saarinen, Heidi (2014-03)
      Architecture in the community acts as a bridge between the local population and their everyday activities, routes through the community, creative and learning spaces, cultural and social activities. Buildings for the ...