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    • Exploring the making of a galactic wind in the star-bursting dwarf irregular galaxy IC 10 with LOFAR 

      Heesen, V.; Rafferty, D. A.; Horneffer, A.; Beck, R.; Basu, A.; Westcott, J.; Hindson, L.; Brinks, E.; Chyży, K. T.; Scaife, A. M. M.; Brüggen, M.; Heald, George; Fletcher, A.; Horellou, C.; Tabatabaei, F. S.; Paladino, R.; Nikiel-Wroczyński, B.; Hoeft, M.; Dettmar, R. -J. (2018-05-11)
      Low-mass galaxies are subject to strong galactic outflows, in which cosmic rays may play an important role; they can be best traced with low-frequency radio continuum observations, which are less affected by spectral ageing. ...