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    • A pilot study for the SCUBA-2 'All-Sky' Survey 

      Mackenzie, Todd; Braglia, Filiberto G.; Gibb, Andy G.; Scott, Douglas; Jenness, Tim; Serjeant, Stephen; Thompson, Mark; Berry, David; Brunt, Christopher M.; Chapin, Edward; Chrysostomou, A.; Clements, Dave; Coppin, Kristen; Economou, Frossie; Evans, A.; Friberg, Per; Greaves, Jane; Hill, T.; Holland, Wayne; Ivison, R. J.; Knapen, Johan H.; Jackson, Neal; Joncas, Gilles; Morgan, Larry; Mortier, Angela; Pearson, Chris; Pestalozzi, Michele; Pope, Alexandra; Richer, John; Urquhart, J. S.; Vaccari, Mattia; Weferling, Bernd; White, Glenn; Zhu, Ming (2011-08)
      We have carried out a pilot study for the Submillimetre Common-User Bolometer Array 2 (SCUBA-2) 'All-Sky' Survey (SASSy), a wide and shallow mapping project at 850 mu m, designed to find rare objects, both Galactic and ...