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    • The Aquila comparison project : the effects of feedback and numerical methods on simulations of galaxy formation. 

      Scannapieco, C.; Wadepuhl, M.; Parry, O. H.; Navarro, J. F.; Jenkins, A.; Springel, V.; Teyssier, R.; Carlson, E.; Couchman, H. M. P.; Crain, R. A.; Dalla Vecchia, C.; Frenk, C. S.; Kobayashi, C.; Monaco, P.; Murante, G.; Okamoto, T.; Quinn, T.; Schaye, J.; Stinson, G. S.; Theuns, T.; Wadsley, J.; White, S. D. M.; Woods, R. (2012-06)
      We compare the results of various cosmological gas-dynamical codes used to simulate the formation of a galaxy in the ? cold dark matter structure formation paradigm. The various runs (13 in total) differ in their numerical ...
    • Metallicity gradients in disks : Do galaxies form inside-out? 

      Pilkington, K.; Few, C. G.; Gibson, B. K.; Calura, F.; Michel-Dansac, L.; Thacker, R. J.; Molla, M.; Matteucci, F.; Rahimi, A.; Kawata, D.; Kobayashi, C.; Brook, C. B.; Stinson, G. S.; Couchman, H. M. P.; Bailin, J.; Wadsley, J. (2012-04)
      Aims. We examine radial and vertical metallicity gradients using a suite of disk galaxy hydrodynamical simulations, supplemented with two classic chemical evolution approaches. We determine the rate of change of gradient ...