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    • Investigation of Alpha-Induced Reactions on 107Ag at Astrophysical Energies 

      Yalçin, C.; Özkan, N.; Güray, R. T.; Gyürky, Gy; Kiss, G. G.; Szücs, T.; Haiász, Z.; Fülöp, Zs; Farkas, J.; Somorjai, E.; Korkulu, Z.; Rauscher, T. (2016-01-05)
      Cross sections of the 107Ag(α, γ)111In and 107Ag(α,n)110In reactions have been measured with the activation method at effective center-of-mass energies between 7.79 MeV and 12.00 MeV close to the astrophysical energy range. ...