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dc.contributor.authorUchegbu, I.F.
dc.contributor.authorLalatsa, Lalatsa
dc.contributor.authorWong, Dennis
dc.contributor.editorUchegbu, Ijeoma F.
dc.contributor.editorSchatzlein, Andreas G.
dc.contributor.editorCheng, Woei Ping
dc.contributor.editorLalatsa, Aikaterini
dc.identifier.citationUchegbu , I F , Lalatsa , L & Wong , D 2013 , Polymeric Nanoparticles . in I F Uchegbu , A G Schatzlein , W P Cheng & A Lalatsa (eds) , Fundamentals of Pharmaceutical Nanoscience . Springer Nature , Amsterdam , pp. 211-234 .
dc.description.abstractSelf-assembling polymers, which are either amphiphilic block copolymers with hydrophobic and hydrophilic blocks, hydrophilic polymer backbones substituted with hydrophobic units or polymers with a low aqueous solubility, may all be used to prepare aqueous dispersions of polymeric nanoparticles. The amphiphilic variants form polymeric micelles and polymeric bilayer vesicles. The hydrophobic polymers form dense amorphous polymeric particles. Polymeric particles, of whichever nature, may be loaded with hydrophobic and hydrophilic drugs, and the bioavailability of the drug compound is altered by this encapsulation within a polymeric nanoparticle. This simple concept has been exploited heavily to yield enhancements in oral, tumour and brain bioavailability and some of these polymeric nanoparticle formulations have undergone clinical testing and even been commercialised, e.g. the nanoparticle paclitaxel formulation Abraxaneen
dc.publisherSpringer Nature
dc.relation.ispartofFundamentals of Pharmaceutical Nanoscience
dc.titlePolymeric Nanoparticlesen
dc.contributor.institutionDepartment of Pharmacy
dc.contributor.institutionCentre for Research into Topical Drug Delivery and Toxicology
dc.contributor.institutionSchool of Life and Medical Sciences
dc.contributor.institutionHealth & Human Sciences Research Institute
dc.description.statusNon peer reviewed

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