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    • The GALAH Survey : Non-LTE departure coefficients for large spectroscopic surveys 

      Amarsi, A. M.; Lind, K.; Osorio, Y.; Nordlander, T.; Bergemann, M.; Reggiani, H.; Wang, E. X.; Buder, S.; Asplund, M.; Barklem, P. S.; Wehrhahn, A.; Skúladóttir, Á.; Kobayashi, C.; Karakas, A. I.; Gao, X. D.; Bland-Hawthorn, J.; Silva, G. M. De; Kos, J.; Lewis, G. F.; Martell, S. L.; Sharma, S.; Simpson, J. D.; Zucker, D. B.; Čotar, K.; Horner, J.; collaboration, the GALAH (2020-10-06)
      Massive sets of stellar spectroscopic observations are rapidly becoming available and these can be used to determine the chemical composition and evolution of the Galaxy with unprecedented precision. One of the major ...