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    • The Human Body as a Super Network : Digital Methods to Analyze the Propagation of Aging 

      Whitwell, Harry J.; Bacalini, Maria Giulia; Blyuss, Oleg; Chen, Shangbin; Garagnani, Paolo; Gordleeva, Susan Yu; Jalan, Sarika; Ivanchenko, Mikhail; Kanakov, Oleg; Kustikova, Valentina; Mariño, Ines P.; Meyerov, Iosif; Ullner, Ekkehard; Franceschi, Claudio; Zaikin, Alexey (2020-05-25)
      Biological aging is a complex process involving multiple biological processes. These can be understood theoretically though considering them as individual networks—e.g., epigenetic networks, cell-cell networks (such as ...