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    • Variability in a young, L/T transition planetary-mass object 

      Biller, Beth A.; Vos, Johanna; Bonavita, Mariangela; Buenzli, Esther; Baxter, Claire; Crossfield, Ian J. M.; Allers, Katelyn; Liu, Michael C.; Bonnefoy, Mickaël; Deacon, Niall; Brandner, Wolfgang; Schlieder, Joshua E.; Dupuy, Trent; Kopytova, Taisiya; Manjavacas, Elena; Allard, France; Homeier, Derek; Henning, Thomas (2015-11-10)
      As part of our ongoing NTT SoFI survey for variability in young free-floating planets and low-mass brown dwarfs, we detect significant variability in the young, free-floating planetary-mass object PSO J318.5-22, likely due ...