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    • High radio-frequency properties and variability of brightest cluster galaxies 

      Hogan, M.~T.; Edge, A.~C.; Geach, J.~E.; Grainge, K.~J.~B.; Hlavacek-Larrondo, J.; Hovatta, T.; Karim, A.; McNamara, B.~R.; Rumsey, C.; Russell, H.~R.; Salomé, P.; Aller, H.~D.; Aller, M.~F.; Benford, D.~J.; Fabian, A.~C.; Readhead, A.~C.~S.; Sadler, E.~M.; Saunders, R.~D.~E. (2015-10-21)
      We consider the high radio-frequency (15–353 GHz) properties and variability of 35 brightest cluster galaxies (BCGs). These are the most core-dominated sources drawn from a parent sample of more than 700 X-ray selected ...