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    • The Coordinated Radio and Infrared Survey for High-mass Star Formation II : Source Catalog 

      Purcell, C.R.; Hoare, M.G.; Cotton, W.D.; Lumsden, S. L.; Urquhart, J.S.; Chandler, C.; Churchwell, E.B.; Diamond, P.; Dougherty, S.M.; Fender, R.P.; Fuller, G.; Garrington, S.T.; Gledhill, T.; Goldsmith, P.F.; Hindson, L.; Jackson, J.M.; Kurtz, S.E.; Martí, J.; Moore, T.J.T.; Mundy, L.G.; Muxlow, T.W.B.; Oudmaijer, R.D.; Pandian, J.D.; Paredes, J.M.; Shepherd, D.S.; Smethurst, S.; Spencer, R.E.; Thompson, M.A.; Umana, G.; Zijlstra, A.A. (2013-03-01)
      The CORNISH project is the highest resolution radio continuum survey of the Galactic plane to date. It is the 5 GHz radio continuum part of a series of multi-wavelength surveys that focus on the northern GLIMPSE region ...
    • Planck Cold Clumps in the λ Orionis Complex. I : Discovery of an Extremely Young Class 0 Protostellar Object and a Proto-brown Dwarf Candidate in the Bright-rimmed Clump PGCC G192.32-11.88 

      Liu, T.; Zhang, Q.; Kim, K.-T.; Wu, Y.; Lee, C.W.; Lee, J.-E.; Tatematsu, K.; Choi, M.; Juvela, M.; Thompson, M.A.; Goldsmith, P.F.; Liu, S.Y.; Naomi, H.; Koch, P.; Henkel, C.; Sanhueza, P.; He, J.; Rivera-Ingraham, A.; Wang, K.; Cunningham, M.R.; Tang, Y.-W.; Lai, S.-P.; Yuan, J.; Li, D.; Fuller, G.; Kang, M.; Nguyen Luong, Q.; Liu, H.B.; Ristorcelli, I.; Yang, J.; Xu, Y.; Hirota, T.; Mardones, D.; Qin, S.-L.; Chen, H.-R.; Kwon, W.; Meng, F.; Zhang, H.; Kim, M.-R.; Yi, H.-W. (2016-01-14)
      We are performing a series of observations with ground-based telescopes toward Planck Galactic cold clumps (PGCCs) in the λ Orionis complex in order to systematically investigate the effects of stellar feedback. In the ...
    • Star and Stellar Cluster Formation: ALMA-SKA Synergies 

      Forbrich, Jan; Rathbone, J.; Fuller, G.; Longmore, S.; Molinari, S. (2015-04)
      Over the next decade, observations conducted with ALMA and the SKA will reveal the process of mass assembly and accretion onto young stars and will be revolutionary for studies of star formation. Here we summarise the ...