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    • Creating, documenting and sharing network models 

      Crook, Sharon M.; Bednar, James A.; Berger, Sandra; Cannon, Robert; Davison, Andrew P.; Djurfeldt, Mikael; Eppler, Jochen; Kriener, Birgit; Furber, Steve; Graham, Bruce; Plesser, Hans E.; Schwabe, Lars; Smith, Leslie; Steuber, Volker; van Albada, Sacha (2012-12)
      As computational neuroscience matures, many simulation environments are available that are useful for neuronal network modeling. However, methods for successfully documenting models for publication and for exchanging models ...
    • Neuromorphic technology in Europe : Brain-inspired technologies are advancing apace across Europe and are poised to help accelerate the AI revolution 

      Donati, E; Payvand, M; Indiveri, G; Debacker, P; Furber, Steve; Sandamirskaya, Yulia; Schmuker, Michael; Bartolozzi, Chiara; Spiga, Sabina; Bortolotti, Paolo; Mizrahi, A (2020-06)
      By taking loose inspiration from the brain, artificial neural network algorithms have made tremendous progress in artificial intelligence. However, to unlock significant gains in terms of novel real-world capabilities, ...