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    • The Herschel-ATLAS Data Release 2, Paper I. Submillimeter and Far-infrared Images of the South and North Galactic Poles : The Largest Herschel Survey of the Extragalactic Sky 

      Smith, Matthew W. L.; Ibar, Edo; Maddox, Steve J.; Valiante, Elisabetta; Dunne, Loretta; Eales, Stephen; Dye, Simon; Furlanetto, Christina; Bourne, Nathan; Cigan, Phil; Ivison, Rob J.; Gomez, Haley; Smith, Daniel J. B.; Viaene, Sébastien (2017-12-21)
      We present the largest submillimeter images that have been made of the extragalactic sky. The Herschel Astrophysical Terahertz Large Area Survey (H-ATLAS) is a survey of 660 deg$^2$ with the PACS and SPIRE cameras in five ...
    • The New Galaxy Evolution Paradigm Revealed by the Herschel Surveys 

      Eales, Stephen A.; Smith, Daniel; Bourne, Nathan; Loveday, Jon; Rowlands, Kate; Werf, Paul van der; Driver, Simon; Dunne, Loretta; Dye, Simon; Furlanetto, Christina; Ivison, R. J.; Maddox, Steve J.; Robotham, Aaron S. G.; Smith, Matthew W.L.; Taylor, Edward N.; Valiante, Elisabetta; Wright, Angus; Cigan, Philip; de Zotti, Gianfranco; Jarvis, Matt J.; Marchetti, Lucia; Michalowski, Michal J.; Phillipps, Steve; Viaene, Sebastian; Vlahakis, Catherine (2018-01-21)
      The Herschel Space Observatory has revealed a very different galaxyscape from that shown by optical surveys which presents a challenge for galaxy-evolution models. The Herschel surveys reveal (1) that there was rapid galaxy ...