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    • The UKIRT Hemisphere Survey: definition and J-band Data Release 

      Dye, S.; Lawrence, A.; Fan, X.; Kerr, T.; Varricatt, W.; Furnell, K. E.; Edge, A.; Irwin, M.; Hambly, N.; Lucas, P.; Almaini, O.; Chambers, K.; Hewett, P.; Liu, M.; McGreer, I.; Best, W.; Sutorius, E.; Froebrich, D.; Magnier, E.; Hasinger, G.; Lederer, S. M.; Bold, M.; Tedds, J. A. (2018-02-01)
      This paper defines the UK Infra-Red Telescope (UKIRT) Hemisphere Survey (UHS) and release of the remaining ~12 700 deg 2 of J-band survey data products. The UHS will provide continuous J- and K-band coverage in the Northern ...